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Leaky Gut Triggers Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes

Leaky Gut Diagram

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How does leaky gut trigger autoimmunity?


The research of Dr. Fasano and colleagues disclosed the relationship of gliadin to zonulin in triggering the leaky gut. Wheat contains a very-difficult-to-digest protein named gliadin (one of the proteins in gluten).  When improperly digested gliadin remains intact and stimulates the production of abnormally high amounts of zonulin which opens the tight junctions between the intestinal cells to let substances into the blood stream.


Folks with the gene for celiac disease (gluten sensitivity) produce 5 times more zonulin than those without the disease. But even the folks without the … Read the rest

Zonulin the Leaky Gut Modulator Triggers Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes

What’s the link between a leaky gut, our genes and autoimmunity?


These amazing bodies of ours engage in a marvelous interplay between our genes, environment and our choices. The science of epigenetics brings good news that we control the expression of our genes by the daily choices we make in what we eat and the habits we choose to engage in. Every day we choose life or degeneration and death. Let’s choose life.


In order to choose life we need knowledge and wisdom to make healthy choices. Sometimes we first need to understand what’s gone wrong to lead … Read the rest