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Relief from Night Time Leg Cramps 2

After reading the first article in this series on night time leg cramps one reader responded with this very brilliant suggestion:

As soon as a leg cramp starts, pull your toes up toward your head.


I’m so glad she reminded me to share that with you. It’s a trick that I’ve used myself to get those cramping muscles relaxed. Actually it works for any tight muscle problem in the body. When you tense one set of muscles, the opposing muscles have to relax. That basic physiological principle makes it possible for us to walk, use our hands, arms, etc. … Read the rest

A Kidney Bean for Sleep?

Wow, it’s great to hear from so many of you.

And have we had some interesting feedback about insomnia problems.

This may be the most interesting feedback of all in regard to sleep disturbance:


“This is a hard to believe remedy for sleeping but it works.

I was amazed that taping a kidney bean to your wrist could do this.

My sister tried it and it worked for her so I tried it.

The real test was the full moon phase when I often don’t sleep well. I usually have to move my head to the foot of the Read the rest