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Toxic Chemical Villains Hollywood Style


Meet these wacky characters. You have to laugh at these wacky characters despite their devastating effects on our bodies.

Toxic chemicals abound in our environment. You must be very knowledgeable and vigilant to avoid them. So these folks created a humorous way to present the villains, Hollywood style by bringing them onto the red carpet to give them the “Toxie” awards.

You met the mercury villain in the video above. You can meet his toxic compatriots, BPA, Yellow Soap, Flame Retardants, Lead and others here:

The Toxies: Exposed – All Webisodes

Toxic chemicals abound in our environment.

You must … Read the rest

Migraines Triggered by BPA in Plastics

Migraines afflict 18% of women (27 million women in the United States) and 6% of men and finding the underlying cause of these debilitating headaches can be quite elusive.


Recent research at Kansas University found one possible trigger for migraines – BPA! Bisphenol A lurks in plastic products and has estrogen- like properties. By causing estrogen levels to rise in the body it may trigger migraines.


Female rats were used in this study since they get headaches similar to humans. When a migraine strikes a rat they avoid light, sound, grooming, and routine movements. (Who would have … Read the rest