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Bone and Vegetable Broths for Bone Health

Folks in the old days really knew how to take care of their bodies whether they realized the science behind it or not. Somehow today in our fast paced world we don’t have the patience or the know-how to throw some bones in a pot of water and let it simmer for up to 48 hours like our great grandmothers did.

Why in the world would you want to do that anyway?

Simmering those bones releases the minerals into the water. When you drink it in soups or stews or simply as a delicious broth, your body gets fed those … Read the rest

Herbal Vinegars

You know those pesky dandelions that you fight in your lawn? Now they can be your friends. In the early spring dig out some dandelions. Rinse them and then pat them dry. Place the roots and leaves in a jar until it’s full right up to the top.

Sterilize the jar first by pouring boiling water in it right up to the top. In 10 minutes pour the water out of the jar and turn it upside down to dry. Toss the cork in boiling water in a pan to sterilize it.

Be sure the jars and corks are dry … Read the rest