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Light Up Your Life with Biophoton Power

So, what if you could augment the strength of your light power (biophotons) by embracing brilliant healthy living right now?

(What’s a biophoton? Review

Eat at least 50% of your food in the form of raw, sun-ripened produce


The most obvious source to strengthen your light power comes from raw living food. Plants grow in the sun, an energy source required for photosynthesis. The sun provides the energy for the plant to bind water and carbon dioxide together to form energy for us in the form of glucose.


So raw food contains sun energy, light energy, and … Read the rest

You Emit Light – Biophotons 1

Maybe that song, “You Light Up My Life”, has more truth in it than we ever imagined because your cells emit light. Science calls those light emissions biophotons which are very weak light emissions in biological systems.


Actually every living thing emits biophotons which seem to direct and integrate all biochemical reactions.


Every second over 100,000 pulses of light (biophotons) flow out of your cells.


These biophotons (electromagnetic waves) produce such a small amount of light that we cannot see them with our eyes. However, Professor Alexander G. Gurvich , a medical scientist first discovered them in … Read the rest