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What causes pH imbalance in my body?

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2. How Does an Acid Body Lead to Disease?

Many factors can disrupt the ideal body pH including:

Age (oh shoot – not much we can do about that.)

Exercise level

The water we drink (or don’t drink enough of)

The other beverages we consume

The air we breathe (or don’t breathe enough of)

How much we laugh

The food we eat

How much we upset the body’s homeostasis (knock it out of balance)

Allergies – including food and inhalant (but these may be a … Read the rest

How Does An Acid Body Lead to Disease?

Review previous body pH article here:

1. Body pH – a Guide to Health or Disease

Oxygen is key to cellular health. We must keep the oxygen levels around our cells and in the blood at a good level. Acidic fluids cannot hold dissolved oxygen very well. We need alkaline fluids in our bodies to hold the oxygen. Since alkaline fluids hold dissolved oxygen, the blood has to be slightly alkaline to carry oxygen to our cells.

Since alkaline fluid carries oxygen to muscles, exercise becomes easier when the body fluids remain or return to that slightly alkaline, healthy state. Read the rest

Body pH – a Guide to Health or Disease

The previous article reviewed a medical study that concluded that sugared soft drinks could cause heart disease in women. However, artificially sweetened soft drinks did not show that propensity.

But artificial sweeteners may pose other health threats. At your request we will take a look at artificial sweeteners in future articles.

For now, we’re launching into a series on body pH, a critically important issue for regaining and maintain vibrantly good health.

The nature of our modern lifestyle and eating habits tend to push the pH of our bodies into the acid range.

Your body pH tells how acid Read the rest