Dr. Jo’s Practical Nutrition Course

By Bessie Jo Tillman, MD

Dr. Jo taught this course on how to practically and easily apply healthy nutritional principles to a group of vivacious college students and community members. Join the fun when you purchase your Practical Nutrition CD set.

The first lady to purchase Practical Nutrition started listening to it with her relatives while she was visiting them on vacation. They all enjoyed what they heard so much that her relatives twisted her arm and made her leave that set with them. As soon as she got home, she ordered another set for herself.

So do you need to take action and get your own set of this health building information? Take advantage of all the years Dr. Jo spent researching, studying, working with patients and applying the Principles that she teaches in Practical Nutrition. It contains the core material that will keep you healthy or set you on your path to restoring your health.

Do you have diabetes? Apply the principles in Practical Nutrition and you will see improvements in your condition.

Are you overweight? A portion of this course is built around the health principles that aid weight loss. Basically obesity, like any other dis-ease process, is just a symptom of upset body chemistry. Get your body back in balance and the weight comes off automatically. Dr. Jo teaches you how to balance your body chemistry.

Other health issues? Apply the principles in Practical Nutrition and see what happens!

Do painful joints restrict your lifestyle? See if a food you eat contributes to your joint pain. Then get rid of that food and enjoy more flexible, comfortable joints. Dr. Jo tells you how to find that “offending” food (may be more than one). You often don’t recognize the adverse affect of that food because you eat it so regularly. Ferret out that hidden pain-maker. Then stop eating it. Give yourself some time for the inflammatory effects of that food to dissipate from your body. Then start enjoying life again. Learn this secret in Dr.  Jo’s Practical Nutrition Course.

In all her years of researching the cause of illness Dr. Jo discovered that three things cause most degenerative diseases:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Accumulation of environmental toxins in the tissues
  • Unfriendly organisms hang around in your tissues because of the poor nutrition and toxicity. They then contribute to the “toxic soup” in your body.

Deal with those 3 causes of degenerative disease (illness), then your cells heal.

Healthy cells build healthy tissues.

Healthy tissues build healthy organs.

Healthy organs build a healthy you. Dr. Jo shares the secrets that will return your cells to a healthy state and restore that spunk in your life.

Take action!

Order your set of Practical Nutrition, 12 CD’s with Manual right now while the price is still $47.95.

It’s an investment that will save you lots of misery and dollars in health care costs.

Love life and live it to your fullest capacity in a comfortable, healthy body.

Practical Nutrition Contents:

Part I The Basic Science of Practical Nutrition

  • Session 1 Your Awesome Body
  • Session 2 Carbohydrates
  • Session 3 Fats and Oils
  •  Session 4 Protein and Amino Acids
  • Session 5 Vitamins, Minerals and Water

Part II Making Practical Nutrition Part of Your Lifestyle

  • Session 6 – The Pioneer in Nutritional Research – Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger
  • Session 7 – Balanced Body Chemistry
  • Session 8  – Metabolic Profile/Good Diet
  • Session 9 – Healthy Body Weight – Detox  and Reproductive Nutrition
  • Session 10  – Healthy Body Weight – Sugar
  • Session 11 – Healthy Body Weight – Food Sensitivities and Exercise
  • Session 12 – Enzymes

Even though some of the titles refer to healthy body weight, the information applies to all aspects of staying healthy or overcoming dis-ease because the principles contain the truth about the nature of our bodies and how to properly take care of them.

Practical Nutrition CD set contains 12 information packed CDs and a manual chock full of reference material and more information.

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