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Warranty Disclaimer
Bessie Jo Tillman does not manufacture any of the products sold through the Wellevate.me Site.  And Wellevate, LLC is a supplier of products manufactured by third parties. Therefore Bessie Jo Tillman makes no warranties, express or implied or warranties of effectiveness or sufficiency for a particular purpose with respect to any products sold through this Site and all such warranties express or implied are hereby expressly disclaimed.

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Limitation of Liability
Without limiting the extent and scope of the foregoing warranty disclaimer and indemnification obligations under no circumstance shall Bessie Jo Tillman be obligated to you or any person obtaining products from this Site through you for any amounts other than a refund for the products obtained through the Wellevate Site. Under no circumstances shall Bessie Jo Tillman be responsible or liable for any ordinary, special, compensatory, punitive or other damages of any kind or nature.

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