Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program – The Plan

What Dr. Jo's Health Coaching Program looks like - fun!

Have fun in Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program

What does Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program look like?

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Here’s the Plan for Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program, but she welcomes ideas for changes or additions, especially from participants as they go through the program.

From Dr. Jo:

“When you know the truth about what really works for your uniquely-you body, reaching your goals becomes a reality.

After 30 years of research, working with patients and 12+ more years of coaching folks on building healthy habits that lead to optimal fitness and health, I can share with you the secrets of what really works for the human body.

The basic concepts are easy to understand but not so easy to implement on your own.

That’s where my coaching program, Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program, can help. We take one small do-able step each week that gradually shifts you into brilliant healthy living without having to think about it too much. Each healthy step builds on the next step until those healthy habits become second nature. They become a part of who you are and what you do in your daily routine.

For instance part of the program emphasizes developing a Healthy Eating Plan that you fine tune to your uniquely-you body. But we don’t dive right into the eating plan. No we sneak into it, shifting our eating routines a little at a time until we suddenly realize that we’re eating healthy and loving it.

But wait! We don’t necessarily start with the eating plan. I have a number of other strategies that we integrate into the coaching program that help increase our metabolism and tune up our cells. For you see, if you detoxify and nourish the cells they can perform optimally which optimizes tissues, organs, organ systems and your whole body.

What a joy to really know how to tune up your body to energize you, to clear your thinking, to lift your mood and yes… the main thing that folks focus on… to lose weight.”

Healthy Living Concepts covered in Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program:

  1. Nutrition – the truth about the eating plan that works best for your uniquely-you body and how to gradually incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle. In fact, we will “sneak” into it.
  1. Exercise – Dr. Jo and husband Pat discovered a scientifically researched, doctor recommended exercise program that only takes 15 minutes PER WEEK and keeps them more fit and healthy than their prior exercise programs that took 8-12 hours per week. You can do it too
  1. Detoxification – the program I developed in my clinic that helped folks detox from the environmental chemical without disrupting their daily busy routines. They just added supplements that kept their bodies gradually detoxing without triggering a release of too many toxins at a time so they did not experience detox symptoms.


Here are my (Dr. Jo’s) responsibilities in the coaching program:

  • To provide truthful and scientifically researched information about what works to optimize fitness and health, presented each week for 12 weeks.
  • Each week I will present this information via FreeConferenceCallHD* (or possibly via webinar online)
  • Most weeks I will send, by email, information that you can review before or during the weekly call.
  • Each week I will discuss the new step that you will implement
  • After the presentation I will answer your questions on the conference call
  • The call will be recorded and posted on drjomd.com for you to access and review at your convenience
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