Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program – Why Dr. Jo as a Coach?

People Like Dr. Jo's Health Coaching Program

People Love Dr. Jo’s Health Coaching Program

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Here are some of Dr. Jo’s prior patients’ comments:

“Dr. Jo you saved my life” – one patient from mercury poisoning, one from heart disease

“Dr. Jo you saved my foot from amputation” – 2 patients who were about to have a foot amputated due to gangrene from poor blood flow due to diabetes and vascular disease.

Many have said, “Dr. Jo the best side effect of your diet is weight loss.” (Dr. Jo calls it an eating plan because she says that it’s important to develop an eating plan that serves your uniquely-you metabolism that becomes your life long eating plan.)

Her first office nurse had Lupus, a difficult autoimmune disease, with periodic manifestations of dragging one leg. Her lab work showed the typical antibody patterns associated with Lupus. After Dr. Jo’s coaching, dealing with yeast overgrowth (Candida), etc. her Lupus symptoms went completely away and her blood work reverted to normal.

Dr. Jo did not relent in her research and attendance of holistic, integrative medicine trainings until she found the answers for what causes diseases. She did not practice “band aid medicine” – just treat the symptoms, give another drug. No she dug until she discovered the underlying causes of disease.

And most of those causes come from our lifestyle habits:

  1. Poor nutrition (eating the toxic, inflammatory Standard American Diet (SAD), yes it is very sad that people are so deceived about the easily available death-inducing junk food in our culture. So let’s shift to “clean eating” that promotes health and helps reverse dis-ease)
  1. Lack of the correct type of exercise (no exercise, incorrect exercise or over-exercising)
  1. Toxicity and not knowing how to detox from the everyday environmental toxic exposures accumulated over a life time.

With knowledge, motivation and proper guidance from a coach all of these toxic lifestyle habits can be replaced with healthy habits that refurbish the cells, the tissues, the organs and organ systems and revitalize the whole body to a vibrant state of health and fitness.

Dr. Jo takes you gradually through these simple do-able steps to optimized health and fitness one at a time so you can actually accomplish and incorporate the new habit until it’s a part of your lifestyle. You just do it without thinking about it and it’s now easy. You have a new healthy habit. All these new simple little habits add up over time to a successfully healthy You.

Will Dr. Jo personally coach me one-on-one?

Not in the Group Health Coaching Program as described on this page. Most folks will make the desired progress by following the group coaching program. If someone needs one-on-one coaching with Dr. Jo that may be available for an additional fee.

Advantages of a Health Coaching Program

  • When you run into a problem you can’t solve, you can ask your coach for help.
  • Your coach makes the goals attainable by providing one simple step at a time
  • Your coach teaches you the truth about most efficient steps that help you reach your goals
  • Your coach provides information in small pieces that do not overwhelm you
  • Your coach has experience that can help you overcome the obstacles
  • Other participants in the program can also help because some of them may have found solutions to the problem
  • Other participants in the program come up with tips and short cuts that help us all be more efficient and successful.
  • We support each other.
  • We learn from each other.
  • We share new tasty and healthy recipes or food combinations that we have discovered

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