Dr. Jo’s Disease is Optional DVD Course

Is the cancer out to get you? Do you think there’s no way to avoid developing diabetes because it runs in your family? Are you afraid you will die of a heart attack just because your father did?  Are the germs lurking about waiting to pounce on you and make you sick?

If those fears plague you, then take heart!  Dr. Jo knows how to make disease optional in your life and she gladly shares that information with you in her Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours DVD/CD course.

Of course there are no guarantees that we won’t get sick, but we can greatly decrease our odds of contracting those diseases when we understand the mechanisms of disease production.

Many people came to Dr. Jo thinking that she was their “last resort” because they were so sick. They had already undergone most of the conventional medical examinations and treatments and still had not found a way back to a health. They were ready to do something different.

Dr. Jo never told them, “Just learn to live with this disease”.  She fought to find healing for them, to give them hope and a healthy future. She combed the research and attended many alternative, holistic, integrative medical conferences, mingling with the “maverick” doctors who shared their advanced thinking and research.

And she was satisfied when she found the underlying cause of diseases. She classified those causes as:

1. Nutrition

2. Toxicity

3. Unfriendly organisms

The nutrition cause divided into 2 parts:

1. Eating denatured, inflammatory food (Unfortunately it’s called the Standard American Diet – note the initials – SAD.)

2. Nutritional deficiencies

Toxicity lives all around us in an atmosphere of toxic metals and chemicals in our food, water, air and the lotions and potions we use on our bodies.

Unfriendly organisms hang around because of the poor nutrition and toxicity and contribute to the toxic soup of our tissues.

By addressing and reversing these underlying causes of the degenerating processes, her patients with tough diseases who listened to her and implemented the plan she gave them found themselves revived and renewed.

Then one day on the way home from a medical conference Dr. Jo was reading an article in an alternative medical journal that she had picked up at that conference. In it Dr. Sydney Baker said that even the conventional medical doctors were discovering that the basic underlying causes of the degenerative diseases were the same. Cardiologists found that the basic causes of heart disease were the same as the ophthalmologists found in their patients with degenerative eye diseases and the same as oncologists found in their cancer patients.

Dr. Baker called this degenerative disease process ”The Oceanic Theory of Disease”. He and the other doctors were explaining what Dr. Jo had discovered in her years of helping people back to health except they used different terms to describe it.

That sparked Dr. Jo’s imagination and out of that inspiration she developed Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours.

Here’s a small sample of what you will find in Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours:

  • Life and death starts at the cell membrane
  • Change that cell membrane and greatly decrease your risk of developing cancer
  • What to eat to decrease your risk of cancer
  • Re-oil your body and decrease your risk of developing cancer
  • A simple food combination that greatly helps prevent or reverse cancer, diabetes, heart disease
  • Your 2 worst enemies when it comes to food
  • That cholesterol may not be the “bad guy” when it comes to heart disease
  • The mineral that’s deficient in most of us and why we need it!
  • Nutritional supplements and herbs that help prevent or reverse cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  • Tell-tale signs that appear before the onset of full-blown adult-onset diabetes
  • Meet the pioneers in nutritional research
  • Eating plans based on the findings of those nutritional pioneers
  • Sprouting and fermenting food demo
  • And much, much more

You will find all of this amazing research and gems for maintaining and regaining health in the 9 DVDs contained in this course, Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours. In addition you also receive the bonus audio CDs of the complete course. Watch the DVDs to get the important visual information. Then reinforce your learning by listening to the CDs when you’re driving. Let this vital information really sink into your mind. Then take action!

You will also receive the Disease is Optional course manual that contains all of the power point slide information presented by Dr. Jo plus other reference material. It’s a book in itself.

You get all of this for the low price of $127.95 plus shipping  (plus tax for California residents)

This course presents years and years of Dr. Jo’s research and clinical experience and time devoted to developing and teaching the course. You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Dr. Jo observes, “Every time I review these DVDs I get totally excited all over again about what we can do for ourselves to fend off disease and be really healthy. Everybody needs to know this information, not because of the messenger, but because of the message. The message is vital to turning around your health and turning around the health of our nation.

Seek this message with everything in you and then share it. You can be the spark that ignites the flame of health in those you love. Believe in yourself. Your worth is so great. The world needs what you have to offer. Don’t deprive the rest of us from the treasures in you because you are debilitated by disease. Grab the bull by the horns and take responsibility for your health. You can be an overcomer once you acquire the knowledge and apply it with good judgment. That’s called wisdom.

If you’re healthy now, good for you! Study the information in Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours so you can stay healthy and continue to share the richness in you with the rest of us.

I love you. That’s why I spread this message of health.”

Health blessings to you,

Dr. Jo

3 John 1:2

Order your set now and make disease optional in your life.

DVD topics of Disease Is Optional Nutrition Course

Day 1 Part A

  •                 Introduction
  •                 Earth Suit 101
  •                 Dr. Price Finds Health
  •                 What Went Wrong?
  •                 Universal Factors Causing Disease

Day 1 Part B

  •                 Universal Factors Causing Disease (continued)
  •                 Cancer – Prevent It with Nutrition – continued
  •                 Sprouting nuts and seeds demo
  •                 Questions for students

Day 2 Part A

  •                 Sprouting nuts and seeds demo to
  •                 Cancer – continued at “Bring in the groceries and take out the trash.”
  •                 Nutrients and Anti-nutrients
  •                 Heart Disease – The Silent Killer

Day 2 Part B

  •                 Heart Disease continued
  •                 Iodine
  •                 Fats and Oils, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  •                 Demo of making Kefir
  •                 Questions for students

Day 3 Part A

  •                 Answers to fourth grade health quiz
  •                 Diabetes Is Optional

Day 3 Part B

  •                 Dr. Page, DDS
  •                 Healthy Eating Plan
  •                 Questions for students

Day 4 Part A

  •                 Are You Responsible for Little Earth Suits  Dr. Pottenger’s story
  •                 Reproductive Nutrition
  •                 Nutrients – Anti-nutrients
  •                 Demo of food storage containers

Day 4 Part B

  •                 Carbohydrates – Friends or Foes
  •                 Protein Builds Your Body
  •                 Kefir and sprout demo

Day 5

  •                 Cooking demo before dinner
  •                 Summary of Healthy Eating Habits

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