Candida, the Yeast Overgrowth Problem

Candida raised its ugly head in my life in my late thirties. Looking back it’s no wonder that this yeast overgrew in my body. All my life I had eaten the standard American diet (SAD, an appropriate acronym). We thought it was healthy but it was full of daily sweets and trans fats. Remember all that Kool-Aid we drank as kids?

That was also the era that birth control pills became available, so it seemed perfectly smart to take them for family planning so my husband and I could get through professional training before starting our family. After I finished my internship and he passed the bar exam we moved to the mountains, a great place to live except for the poison oak which caused me to take some courses of cortisone to quell the terrible itch and misery of oozing poison oak dermatitis.

Then too there were the normal stresses of life that we all faced in the twentieth century. Mine included working 12 hour shifts at the emergency room. In the mornings when nothing was going on in the ER, I sat in the doctors’ lounge chatting with other doctors while munching the free doughnuts and coffee. (Just thinking of eating doughnuts and drinking coffee grosses me out now.)

Our two lovely daughters were also born in those years that I worked as an emergency room physician. Somewhere in the midst of all of that I developed recurrent bladder infections. Not knowing any better at that point in time, I took lots of courses of antibiotics to try to control them. (After all I was trained in standard medical care.)

That was the tipping point. Along with my life time of eating the SAD with lots of sweets, taking birth control pills and cortisone and living a stressful lifestyle, all of those antibiotics pushed me over the edge into that vicious cycle of candida yeast overgrowth, which sets the stage for more bacterial infections necessitating antibiotics, which causes more yeast overgrowth.

At the time I had no clue about the role of Candida, the yeast overgrowth, in my problem or what to do about it. But I did know that I was feeling miserable. I had to push myself to continue working and taking care of my family, plus doing lots of extras that I really didn’t have to do looking back on it.

My gut started rebelling. At first when it acted it up, I thought that the cottage cheese had gone bad. After throwing away several cartons purchased at different times, I finally realized the “something wrong” was with me. My stomach and intestines were fouled up. Prior to that I had been able to eat anything and my GI tract handled it well and was very comfortable.

Unfortunately, my GI tract became very uncomfortable with heartburn, bloat, gas, alternating diarrhea and constipation. Then I developed “food allergies” and had to cut many of the most common American foods out of my diet such as: all sweets for sure, including fruit for awhile, dairy, wheat and later all gluten grains, tomatoes and tomato products, and all alcohol.

At the same time my brain at times felt in a fog and when that pre-menstrual time came around you might as well put me in a hole with a lid on it since I could get so crabby and irritable.

Although my doctor colleagues tried to help me with the recurrent bladder infection problems, I knew that main stream docs did not have the answers to these puzzling things that were going on with my body. That’s what launched me into the quest for answers. My research lead me to physicians, dentists and other health practitioners and researchers who looked for more natural healing approaches, who went beyond treating symptoms and sought for the cause of diseases.

As I found answers to help me, I also found answers to help others in similar distress. When God gives us victory in our trials, he then gives us the authority as over comers to take the spoils from the deceiver by helping others to overcome their challenges in the same area we have suffered through. He empowers and supports us in this process.

So, I became an expert in the field of Candidiasis, the overgrowth of the yeast organism named Candida albicans.

If you recognize yourself in this story, you may be looking for answers to your problems too. I took the first step in overcoming yeast, Candida, overgrowth by changing my diet to one that served my body well, that fed me optimally without feeding the yeasty beasties, candida. That’s the best first step for you to take as well.

All my research and clinical experience in dealing with Candida overgrowth led me to author Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook for my patients, the best Candida diet ever and the best way to eat for a life time of good health. I love to eat this way, so will you.

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