The Sweet Deception Uncovered

Truth About Sugar Squelched by the Sugar Industry


For at least 40 years the sugar industry deceived the public about the health hazards of daily ingesting refined sugar. That sweet-promoting industry accomplishes that deception by creating doubt about the legitimate studies that reveal the truth that refined sugar creates disease including sugar addiction.

For instance in 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended decreasing sugar consumption to 10% of daily calorie intake to combat obesity.

In response the U. S. Sugar industry asked Congress to cease all funding to WHO until it revised this recommendation for healthy eating. How brazen is that? Obviously the industry has much to lose if people decrease their sugar intake. So for that industry their main concern is not for your health but rather for their own monetary wealth. They put money above your health.


So beware of their false influences on you. Whenever your read research studies ask, “Who paid for it?”


The scientists conducting sugar studies often receive grants to fund their research from the sugar, food and beverage industries. Obviously a conflict of interest exists between the supposedly unbiased, honest researcher and the industry, but that bit of integrity has often disappeared from the scientific community in recent decades.


For instance, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (known in the past as the American Dietetic Association) receives sponsorship for their journal, some educational seminars, and trade organization meetings from:

The Sugar Association

General Mills






And others


That’s an impressive list of companies that produce sugar filled, refined and highly processed “food-like” products that cause inflammation, pain, degeneration in your body and addiction to sweets.


Yet that influence convinces many of the 74,000 dieticians that “No food is a ‘bad’ food”, including those that contain refined sugar. And these are people who are supposed to protect the health of the people that they serve.


The deceptions in the food industry deceive even the educated populace.


But the voices are rising to expose this deception and reveal the truth about the food-like products that really are not food at all but rather products that cause inflammation leading to chronic disease and early death.


Finally main stream medical and nutritional research speaks out against such deception with legitimate research that unveils the disease processes caused by ingestion of refined sugars and sugar substitutes.


Here’s an amazing list of diseases and interference with normal protective body functions that occur from eating refined sugars, some of which surprised me. Please take the time to read through this list so you will not be deceived any longer.

Eating refined sugars linked to:

Weight gain

Insulin resistance

Diabetes type 2

Fatty liver

High blood pressure

Heart disease

High triglycerides


Chronic inflammation

Dental decay

White blood cells cannot protect against infection as well for several hours after eating sweets

Increased susceptibility to the adverse effects of environmental toxins


The drop in blood sugar levels after a sugar high can produce:

Muscle spasms

Tension headaches



Refined sugar consumption affects hormones

Causes improper regulation of levels of estrogen and testosterone in the in the body

Can cause up to 25% reduction of blood testosterone levels


Increases risk of pancreatic cancer and may increase risk of cancer in other organs including breast, ovaries, prostate, rectum, lung, gallbladder and stomach


Pregnant women eating refined sugar at increased risk of baby being born too early


Replaces highly nutritious food (with its complement of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and other co-factors necessary to properly digest and utilize it) with nutrient-empty sugar that robs the body of vitamins and minerals in order to process this bare chemical. This leads to the downward spiral of nutritional deficiency in the body in spite of calorie over abundance.


Decreases children’s reaction times


Causes degeneration of body systems including the:

Heart and blood vessels

Stomach and intestines





The blood sugar high surge from eating concentrated refined sugar is followed by high insulin levels and then the blood sugar drops. This leads to wearing out the liver, pancreas, adrenals and thyroid and produces:



Hunger (cravings) usually for more sweets


The adrenal gland stress causes a sharp rise in adrenaline which can result in:




Difficulty concentrating

Less ability to think clearly




Body homeostasis is knocked out of balance:

Chromium and copper levels decrease

Interference in absorption of calcium and magnesium

Disruption in minerals leads to loss of tissue elasticity and function


Other structural problems, need for orthodontics, small jaws, abnormal facial structure


Causes wrinkling of skin

Because of abnormal cross-linkages in the connective tissue

You can see the results of the sugar stress in the skin

Imagine what’s going on the organs you cannot see – premature degeneration leading to premature death


Do you see yourself or your health problems in any of this list of problems caused by ingestion of refined sugars?


Do you understand the risks for developing these health issues if you continue to eat refined sugars?


Disease is Optional – the Choice is Yours!


Giving up sweets can be complicated because of the addiction aspect of eating refined sugars, but it’s an obstacle that can be tackled and overcome. You are an overcomer!


Let’s tackle the addiction aspect in the next article by exposing the culprits in addicting you to sugar.

Exploitation of Your Pleasure Center


Reference: Sugar is Sweet-Refined Versus Complete by Judith DeCava, CNC, LNC; Nutrition News and Views; November/December 2013; Vol.17, No.6 For health professionals

Health blessings,

Dr. Jo