Sugar Upsets Body Chemistry and Destroys Your Body

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Most blood sugar information never tells you the devastating effects of eating sugar (which refers to all sorts of sweets in this article, including pastries, candy, soft drinks, frozen desserts, and anything else that’s sweet tasting).

Are you aware that you are unknowingly slowly destroying your body by eating sweets on a regular basis?

Your blood sugar problem may be more devastating than you ever imagined.

How much do you want to turn around the pain and dysfunction in your body?

You can take responsibility for your health and turn around nasty diseases like diabetes, other blood sugar problems, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, bursitis, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, obesity, autoimmune disease and many other ailments by paying attention to what Dr. Page discovered.

Dr. Page, a dentist, had a burning desire to discover why people were developing tooth decay and gum disease. In the process of finding the answers, he revealed the cause of most degenerative diseases, including heart disease, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, other blood sugar problems, osteoporosis, kidney stones, gallbladder disease, bursitis, arthritis and others.

In his research Dr. Melvin Page discovered that ingesting sugar throws the body’s calcium and phosphorous metabolism out of balance. He tested people who were healthy.

Even healthy people have blood sugar problems and need to know more about this relatively unknown but common blood sugar problem.

If they had not ingested any concentrated sweets such as sugar, their blood calcium level would be 10 mg/dl and blood phosphorous level 4 mg/dl. Ten divided by 4 equals a ratio of 2.5.

Another healthy person’s blood calcium might be 9.6 mg/dl with phosphorus 3.84. Divide 9.6 by 3.84 equals a ratio of 2.5.

So Dr. Page discovered that the healthy ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the blood stream equaled 2.5. For calcium and phosphorus to function optimally in your body, you should have 2.5 mg of calcium in the blood for every 1 mg of phosphorus.

Then, he would have these healthy people eat a 4 ounce candy bar, and within 20 minutes, their blood calcium and phosphorous levels were out of balance and might stay out of balance for six to twelve hours depending on how well or sick they were.

The blood calcium might go up to 10.5 and phosphorus drop to 3.0. Now only 7.5 mg of the calcium can function properly (2.5 times 3.0 of phosphorus). That’s calcium deficiency!

But there’s 10.5 mg of calcium in the blood. What happens to the 3.0 mg not in relation to phosphorus because there’s not enough phosphorus in the blood?

As strange as it may seem these same minerals become toxic to the body.

Now that’s a concept no one talks about.

Your body tries desperately to get these toxic minerals out of the blood stream to keep your vital organs functioning well enough to keep you alive.

So it dumps the toxic minerals somewhere. What happens to you, if it dumps them into the…

  • Kidneys
  • Gallbladder
  • Arteries
  • Joints
  • Bursa

If you said you would develop kidney stones, gall stones, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, and/or bursitis you would be correct.

Where the toxic calcium gets dumped depends on your genetic propensity for a disease process. So you probably wouldn’t develop all of those problems.

Basically, upset body chemistry leads to degeneration of the body. However, the degeneration is slow and subtle, and so most people are not aware of it at all.

Besides having toxic minerals in the blood when we eat concentrated sweets, we also have deficiency of functioning minerals. Remember, when minerals such as calcium or phosphorous go out of balance, it creates a deficiency of functioning minerals.

To correct the deficiency of functioning minerals, the body starts pulling calcium and phosphorus out of the biggest stores of those minerals. Where would that be?

You’re right – the bones and teeth.

If you rob calcium and phosphorus from the bones and teeth long enough, you can develop osteoporosis and tooth decay. Or the jaw bone recedes from the tooth base and your teeth get so loose that they have to be pulled.

Are you fostering this kind of slow degeneration of your body by eating sugar (sweets) daily?

Would you like to turn that around?

What Do I Do to Keep From Upsetting My Body Chemistry and Turn this Blood Sugar Problem Around?

Eat a healthy diet of primarily vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates (beans and whole grains, whole vegetables). Eat small frequent meals, five to six per day. Develop a plan to stop eating concentrated sweets.

Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook makes it easy for you to develop an eating plan that keeps your body chemistry in balance so you overcome this blood sugar problem.

Stop the degeneration in your body. Find out what you can do for yourself at Breaking Sugar Addiction.

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