Blood Sugar Levels Normal In the Past Are Now on Wild Roller Coaster Swings

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Blood sugar levels normal to our bodies in the past have changed to wild swings in our blood sugar levels with the advent of the abundant availability of sweets.

Prior to several hundred years ago, people seldom encountered the taste of sugar. Refined sugar was just not available.

In the traditional human diet, people mainly ate complex carbohydrates, or starches, which are composed of the same basic material of sugar – glucose. However, the starches take a long time to be broken down in the body and are absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. So their blood sugar level remained stable throughout the day.

In contrast, sugar needs no digestion and rapidly enters the bloodstream. Therefore, sugar has a much greater impact upon our body’s blood sugar control mechanisms than starch does.

At any instance in time, the blood sugar levels normal to your bloodstream should be 90-110 mg of glucose per 100 milliliters of blood. This equates to a total amount in your bloodstream of about 1 to 3 teaspoonfuls at any one time. A candy bar may contain 8 teaspoonfuls of sugar, pie 10, ice cream 8, a 12-ounce soft drink 8-12 teaspoonfuls of sugar. These concentrated sugar foods release glucose into the bloodstream rapidly, knocking your blood sugar levels normal to very abnormally high.

At that point, the body goes into a state of alarm and signals the pancreas to pour out more insulin to bring that blood sugar down. However, before long, there is no more sugar coming into the bloodstream because sugars absorb so rapidly.

The blood sugar crashes because the insulin level is now too high. When blood sugar drops (hypoglycemia low blood sugar), people feel anxious, nervous, may feel sweaty, and crave more sweets.

At this point, the alarms and flashing lights are going off in the adrenal gland. It then pours out cortisol and other adrenal hormones to pull sugar out of any tissues it can.

Thus, it may eat up body tissues to supply sugar to the blood to keep the brain and other vital organs functioning. Over time, the cell membranes deteriorate from the action of the adrenal glands.

Have you ever experienced that low blood sugar feeling? What did you do as quickly as possible to bring that low blood sugar level back up?

Most likely you drank another soft drink or ate another candy bar, which started the whole degenerating process over again.

The liver is also involved in the regulation of your blood sugar level. As the blood sugar level swings wildly up and down day in and day out from eating refined carbohydrates, the glandular system gradually wears out.

Early on in this process of wild blood sugar level swings, young people may feel energized by eating sugar. However, it is a false energy that comes from over stimulation of the glandular system.

Eventually, people will actually feel tired and sleepy after eating concentrated sweets or any refined carbohydrates because the glands are getting so worn out.

When I was in my late thirties, I wondered why my kids got so hyper when we were making chocolate chip cookies and I was so tired. Now I understand. Their glands were still strong enough to pour out lots of stimulating hormones, but mine were worn out.

At one time, I was a sugarholic, but now, I avoid concentrated sweets completely. I had to learn the hard way that sweets and refined carbohydrates make me feel tired and irritable.

Long before a person becomes diabetic, they have dysfunction in the sugar/glucose regulating mechanisms of their bodies as their blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly day in and day out. More and more children, especially teenagers, are living on sweets. I shudder to think what their health is going to be like in the next five to fifty years.

But you can stabilize your blood sugar levels and rebuild your glands by following the eating plan for your uniquely-you body in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

Consider the Effect of This Level of Constant Sugar Ingestion on Your Blood Sugar Levels

  • The March 2002 edition of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, pages 351-353, stated that,
  • “The American per capita consumption of added sugars went from 27 teaspoons per day per person in 1972 to 32 teaspoons per day in 1996, which is an increase of 23%.”
  • In a period of just 26 years, the consumption of sugars increased that much.
  • Also, the Berkeley Wellness Letter of July 1988, said that the average American has cut consumption of table sugar (sucrose) to about 60 lbs. a year but has included other forms of caloric sweeteners including corn syrup and all other forms of sugars so that the per capita consumption of sugar is 150 lbs. per year.

Somebody is eating more than that, because I am not eating any of it.

So do you plan to take responsibility for your health? How will you bring your blood sugar level into balance to take the stress off of your glands?

I, Dr. Jo, will be glad to help you. This Plan worked amazingly well for thousands of my patients. It will work great for you too.

Congratulations on getting your blood sugar level under control

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