The Healthy Weight Loss Diet Program that Suits Your Body

Dr. Jo, Can I use the Get Healthy Eating Plan as a weight loss diet plan?

Sure, the Get Healthy Eating Plan in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook functions as a natural weight loss diet.

One of my delighted patients said, “Weight loss is the best side effect of the Get Healthy Eating Plan explained in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.”

Weight loss occurs naturally when the body chemistry is in balance and you are eating foods that serve your body well. In Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook you will discover the truth about your uniquely-you metabolism and how to prepare scrumptious, beautiful meals for your weight loss diet plans.

Even if you do not need a weight loss diet plan because your weight is perfect, Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook acts as a healthy balanced diet that keeps you feeling great and your weight stable.

Those less common folks that struggle to gain weight find that the Get Healthy Eating Plan works as a weight gain diet for them.

Hey all of you that struggle to lose weight, don’t envy those that struggle to gain weight. It’s harder to gain weight due to underlying disease processes than it is to lose weight.

Here’s a sneak preview of the layout of Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook:

Part 1:

Reveals the Get Healthy Eating Plan and how to implement it.

See food in a new way.

Get organized to eat in that way.

Easily put the meal together.

Learn to read your body.

Special information.

Cooking tips.

You may find that the first section answers all your questions about how to eat and what will work best for your body. However, if you still find you are struggling and you need more tips for weight loss, then read part 2.

Part 2:

Tips for Weight Loss revealed.

Even more of the weight loss diet program secrets revealed.

Easy power drinks to start your day right.

Part :3

Try all the yummy recipes.

Yeah! It’s the best part of your healthy diet plan.

Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook is an essential tool on your journey to health through nutrition.

Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook makes your life easier in so many ways:

  • It automatically eliminates foods that upset body chemistry. Most people regularly knock their body chemistry out of balance by the food they eat. It’s hard to lose weight when upset body chemistry stresses your glands that produce hormones.
  • All you have to concentrate on is preparing the foods that allow body chemistry to balance. No worrying about what not to eat.
  • You easily discover whether you should eat a low carb high fat diet or a high carb low fat diet plan or any other combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat as you learn to read your body. Forget all the “diet gurus” and make a simple discovery of what dietary ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fat works best for your meals.
  • Learn simple, fast, easy ways to prepare delicious, healthy, colorful, nutritious meals suited to your uniquely you metabolism.
  • Discover the safest way to cook those meals.
  • Learn time saving tricks that make meal preparation fast.

What are you waiting for? Order your copy of Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook now.