Healthy Diet Plan

Diet Myths and Truths Revealed – By Dr. Jo – the Myth Buster

What is really the best healthy diet plan for your uniquely-you body?

Are you confused by all the conflicting diet information in the media? Do you eat by the low fat diet plan or by low carb diet information? Let Dr. Jo guide you to the truths for your body.

Who is telling the truth about nutrition?

Nutrition information can be confusing. The popular diets have flip-flopped from low fat diet plan to low carb diet plans for years. So which one would work best as your healthy diet plan?

So what is the real truth?

When I first became interested in nutrition over 20 years ago, I remember being very confused about whether we should eat according to the Pritikin diet (low fat diet plans, high carb) or according to the Atkins diet program (which is a high fat diet plan, low carb). (Some people spell Dr. Atkins name differently, as in Adkins diet or Adkins low carb diet.)

Unfortunately, this confusing information continues to plague the general public. Even at doctors’ conferences, they still argue over which eating plan to follow.

The truth is rather simple. You need to discover your specific metabolic type. Then you will know for certain what proportion of protein, fat, and carbohydrate works best for your body.

How do you determine your metabolic type?

Simply by taking a metabolic profile survey, available in Dr. Jo’s Practical Nutrition Course.

I prefer to call your food intake a healthy diet plan, or better yet a healthy eating plan. Diet takes on the connotation of something you do for a little while until you reach your weight or health goals. Then you give yourself permission to go back to eating in the way that got you fat and unhealthy in the first place.

Does that make any sense?

Obviously it does not.

So let’s devise a new way of eating that serves your body well and becomes a lifestyle way of eating that you love.

The truth is that’s just what you will find in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook . It’s called the Get Healthy Eating Plan. Now that’s a better way to think and talk about a healthy diet plan.

When you get your copy of Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook be sure to read the first section first (that seems logical) because it gives you all the important information you need to eat healthy. The second section contains more information to fine-tune your eating plan, especially if you want to lose more weight. The third section contains yummy recipes. Have fun.

Bless yourself. Create a new vitality in your life. Discover the eating plan that works best for your body and start reaping all the benefits of your specific healthy lifestyle way of eating.

Whether you exude health or have health challenges, the Get Healthy Eating Plan in the Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook will guide you in choosing to eat the best way possible to keep you healthy or regenerate your body to your optimal level.

The truth is…

Are you getting the picture? Throw away all those other diet plans and cookbooks. Release all the muddle in your mind.

You are uniquely-you and Dr. Jo shows you how to easily prepare meals to suit “your uniquely-you metabolism” in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

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