Which Foods Serve Your Body the Best?

Dr. Jo's Natural Healing CookbookDoctors Price, Pottenger, Page, Pacetti and others dedicated much of their lives to find out what causes degenerative diseases. They then worked with patients to help them regain their health. In that process they discovered that when people were sick and degenerated they could only tolerate certain foods.

When you understand the food classification system that came out of the work of these pioneers in nutrition, you will have a way to determine which foods are best for you. Are you ready for these time tested true nutrition facts?

Vegetables and animal protein are the very best for our bodies. We call vegetables and animal proteins Class A foods in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

Class B foods are still good foods, but sometimes, when people are ill, they have to avoid them for a while. The Class B foods include whole grains, whole fruit, and nuts and seeds.

Because the Class C foods are harder to digest many people react to them adversely, even though they eat them every day, not recognizing the cause of their aches and pains.

Class C foods include citrus fruits, dairy products, and yeast/mushrooms because people often are sensitized to yeast and mushrooms.

Class D and E food should be totally avoided for optimal health. Class D food includes the sweeteners and confections, and Class E includes the chemicals, additives, and drugs.

Find the complete lists of these food Classes in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

So how do you use these Food Classifications?

For chronic illness situations, you may need to only eat meat (any kind of animal protein) and vegetables for one to two months to give your body a chance to recover.

If eating only animal proteins and vegetable proteins sounds boring to you, then you’re in for a big surprise. In Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook I show you how to create an infinite variety of nutritious, tasty, colorful meals. You choose your eating plan according to your tastes, likes and dislikes.

You can even create wonderful vegetarian diet meals if that’s your preference.

After 4 to 8 weeks of eating only Class A food, try adding the Class B foods (fruit and nuts) to your food plan. Eat fruit in small amounts between meals so it digests well.

The hardest foods to get back in our diets are dairy products and wheat products, foods that are so common in the American diet. But you may eventually be able to eat wheat and dairy as your digestive tract heals.

Always eat wheat as a whole grain food, not processed into white flour. If you can tolerate dairy products, find organic dairy food and preferably made from raw milk (not pasteurized). Raw milk can be hard to find.

Food to Avoid Like the Plague

Of course, it is better to never eat any of the concentrated sweets like sugar, corn syrup, date sugar, and aspartame and more.

Sweetening with a little stevia or honey may work ok for you once your digestive system gets healthy.

Discover the lists of colorful foods in each classification in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook, more than a cookbook it reveals solid nutrition information that you can use to determine which foods work best for your body. Some folks say that the best side effect to this nutrition guide is weight loss.

All the media info about how to eat can be confusing. Even Dr. Jo was confused about which “diet” plan to follow when she first started her research into nutrition info. She discovered the genuine truth about health nutrition and distilled it into her power packed  book, Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook.

Check out some of the tasty and beautiful recipes here.


Happy eating,

Dr. Jo