Avoid Food That Upsets Body Chemistry

Sugar Cravings Cause Upset Body Chemistry

Sugar cravings that cause you to eat sweets upset your body chemistry and undermine your journey to health.

You may say, “Oh, I can stop eating sugar,” as in table sugar (sucrose).

But then your sugar cravings cause you to turn to all sorts of other concentrated sweeteners like corn syrup, date sugar, aspartame, and even honey.

But beware…

Sugar by any other name still upsets your body chemistry!

So, ignore those nutrition articles that say alternative sweeteners are ok.


There’s more to this story…

Other part of the gang of foods that upset your body chemistry include anything that’s made from white flour, like bread, pasta, doughnuts, pie, cake, cookies, etc.

Since you metabolize white flour products almost the same way as sugar, they also upset your body chemistry. Avoid them and eat whole grain bread, tortillas, etc.


Caffeine, alcohol, dairy foods, hidden food allergies, and even prescription drugs all upset body chemistry despite what you might read in other nutrition articles. So stop ingesting them too.

I know, I know. At this point you’re saying, “Dr. Jo you’re a big party pooper. What’s left to eat?”

My answer: “A whole bunch of delicious health building food.”


It’s so easy to eat this myriad of health building food and automatically avoid the health destroying food when you eat according to the Get Healthy Eating Plan in the cookbook I wrote just for you, Dr. Jo’s New Natural Healing Cookbook. Get your copy right now.


When you eat a concentrated sweet, it dulls your taste buds.

However, guess what? Once you are off all the sweeteners, the healthy food will taste better. And Dr. Jo shows you how to easily prepare scrumptious, beautiful meals that taste so good.


Also, you will start feeling better after you have been off sweets for five days, and eventually, those sugar cravings will go away. See how healthy nutrition makes you feel better.


If sugar cravings do not subside after 5 days, then your body may actually be starving for essential monosaccharides (not table sugar, i.e. sucrose but other simple sugars).

Essential means you have to eat them. Your body cannot make them. Basically there are 8 essential monosaccharides. Most of us only eat 2 of them in our daily diets. They are the alphabet for our cells to communicate with one another. If you supply the cells with only 1/4 of the alphabet, then how in the world do they ever make sense to each other? Right, they don’t communicate. It’s gibberish. No wonder our bodies are a mess.

A glyconutrient combination is the only product that I know of that provides these eight essential monosaccharides. I cannot get by without them. Several of my prior patients had such severe sugar cravings that they felt compelled to eat sweets even though they realized concentrated sweets made them tired, foggy headed and ill. Then glyconutrients came to their rescue and the sugar cravings came under control. See what glyconutrients will do for you…

(Contact me, Dr. Jo, if you need to know where to get these special glyconutrients.

So, reprogram your mind to think of sugars and other concentrated sweets as the poisons to your system that they are. Then, set your mind to avoid them completely so they don’t cause a roadblock on your journey to health. It’s really hard to get healthy and to rebuild the nutrition bank in your body when you are eating these concentrated sweets that destroy your body’s metabolism. Still not convinced? Then take the Sugar Quiz and see how you score. Let the truth set you free.

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Avoid Food That Upsets Body Chemistry