Why We Love Fitness

So how did my husband and I get interested in fitness in the first place?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.


A note from  my husband, Pat:

The link below takes you to a video regarding a physical fitness program folks are attempting to establish in our schools nationwide.  It centers on a fitness routine taught to the male students at La Sierra High School in Carmichael, California in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  The campus is now a senior and community center and the school no longer exists.

My bride and I went to La Sierra High School graduating in ’59 and ’62 respectively. Coach Stan LeProtti developed and instituted this program at the school in 1957.  President Kennedy attempted to incorporate it in U.S. high schools in the early 60’s.  Ultimately over 4000 schools adopted this training program.

Most of you know of our interest in and dedication to physical fitness.  For me this program was probably the birth of that interest.  The video seeks donations but that is not my purpose in sending the link.  Many of our schools nationwide no longer have physical fitness programs for their students.  This, in my view, is a tragedy.  Take a look at the boys in this video.  It would be a blessing if most of our children had the opportunity to develop their level of and dedication to physical fitness.  It would serve them and our country well throughout their lifetimes.




And so was the birth of our interest in fitness. My dedication to it came later than Pat’s because the girls did not participate in the Leprotti fitness program although we did have PE every day. Pat’s enthusiasm eventually motivated me to stay fit.

Did you notice how lean and muscular those high school boys were in that video? How many high school boys today can measure up to that? How exciting to think that we could motivate today’s schools and youth to arise to that level of fitness and accomplishment.

At La Sierra the boys started their first freshman fitness level in white shorts. Gradually they worked through successive levels of fitness tests. As they progressed they reached the next color group; red (intermediate), blue (advanced), purple (advanced II) and gold. Only 19 boys reached the elite class of navy blue (and one girl). Ninety-three per cent of white group progressed to red by the spring of their freshman year and the other 7% by the next fall.

LeProtti said, “Our program develops large groups of boys, instead of individuals. Boys like to be challenged to do hard things, as long as you are fair with them.” At that time in the late 1950’s and  1960’s a man entering the naval academy had to be able to do two pull-ups. A La Sierra boy who had earned his blue shorts could do 13. These guys were prepared! For more of the story follow the links in the references below.

Researching this article took me on a trip down nostalgia lane. The La Sierra fitness level produced championship teams, two in football, three in basketball and baseball, and one in track. Those were exciting and fun times as I was on the cheerleading teams cheering those fellows on to victory.

And so now we cheer you on to victory in staying fit and healthy. The La Sierra boys spent 15 minutes per school day going through their fitness program. But you only need to spend 15 minutes per week to be optimally fit and healthy. Things have progressed!

We love to share the fit-in-15 minutes per week program so Pat and I wrote a book explaining how to exercise to be optimally fit in only 15 minutes per week.

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