Where Do the Toxins Come From?

Most of us have no clue how polluted our bodies really are, that we are a repositories of heavy metal poisoning and foreign chemical pollution. We simply attribute an ache or pain here and there to “aging”. Furthermore, most doctors and the rest of us have no clue about how much toxins in our bodies contribute to the degenerative diseases like adult onset diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, auto-immune disorders, obesity and even cancer.

Our bodies may be a toxic waste dump of hundreds of foreign chemicals and heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum and nickel leading to subtle heavy metal and chemical poisoning.

And of course, your next question is:

But Where Do These Toxins Come From?

Our world is polluted. Even the medical textbooks say that these toxins come from air, water and food pollution, but most physicians only recognize extreme cases of poisoning, usually from heavy environmental exposures. But we are all daily exposed to small or larger doses of these poisons depending on where you live.

In the cities air and water pollution may be higher, but rural areas can be just as toxic due to agricultural spraying of pesticides and use of artificial fertilizers. The pesticides sprayed in Africa arrive 5 days later in Florida due to the prevailing winds. Not even Antarctica is free of toxic chemicals until they drill down to the ice that was laid down 100 years ago. The ocean is so polluted with mercury that fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel may contain high levels of it.

Do you smoke or live with a smoker or did you grow up in a household where the adults smoked? If so you most likely have accumulated toxic cadmium and lead in your body. Do you have “silver” amalgam fillings in your teeth? Did you know that they are 50% mercury? Mercury seems to cause the most serious illnesses of all the toxic metals that contribute to heavy metal poisoning in my experience with sick patients.

Do you use common cleaning agents such as detergents, bleach, degreasers, cosmetics, shampoos, body soap, et cetera? These all contain chemicals that can easily be absorbed through the skin or can be inhaled and can take up lodging in your tissues. Gradually and insidiously they accumulate to cause disease. Since World War II we have all been exposed to thousands of chemicals which stress our organs of detoxification.

When all of us live in this polluted world and are exposed to those toxins why do some people accumulate them in their tissues more than others? Some of us are born nutritionally deficient which puts us behind the 8 ball right out of the shoot in being able to detoxify poisons. On top of that mothers may transfer toxins to their developing child via the placenta. Others of us eat so much junk food that we become nutritionally deficient even though we may be fat. Some live in overwhelmingly toxic environments. Some have less vigorous detoxification metabolic pathways.

But There is Hope!

We can clean up this toxic mess. And that’s what your journey through this web site is all about, cleaning up the toxic mess and rebuilding your cells with wonderful nutrition. So get started now on this detox highway by reading the rest of the articles and implementing the steps recommended.