Sauna Detox

Give yourself a real treat. As a part of your efforts to detoxify the environmental toxins that have accumulated in your tissues try a far infrared (FIR) sauna. Relaxing in a far infrared sauna becomes pure luxury to my way of thinking. As it relaxes your muscles you may even find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Oh, I hear you already. “But Dr. Jo I don’t like to sweat!” And I agree with you. I never liked to sweat either. My favorite exercise was water skiing because when I got hot or sweaty all I had to do was drop the rope, fall in the water and cool off. But NOT sweating was a BIG MISTAKE. Many toxins move out of the body via the sweat glands in the skin.

Sweating in a FIR sauna is so much more enjoyable than sweating in a conventional sauna. I frequently sleep a few minutes during a far infrared sauna because of the deep relaxation effect. However, it’s dangerous to sleep in the conventional sauna that uses high heat of 180 to 220 degrees F and has no timer to turn it off. Sleeping in that type of sauna could lead to hyperthermia, brain damage and death if you did not wake up in time.

Besides I had difficulty tolerating and definitely did not enjoy those high heat conditions. I felt like I could not breathe in that high heat environment. But my concept of saunas changed dramatically when I found the far infrared sauna. Now all my sauna time is spent in the far infrared sauna with its lower heat and a timer that turns it off in 25 or at the most 60 minutes, depending on the time selected.

Because this sauna is heated by far infrared rays it has greater healing and detoxification properties than a conventionally heated sauna. Since its beneficial effect is achieved at much lower temperatures, 110 to 130 degrees F, as opposed to 180 to 220 degrees F in a conventional sauna, health challenged people can also enjoy its beneficial effects.

Please rest assured that the far infrared rays are healing, beneficial rays, principally generated by the sun.

Infrared waves have nothing to do with the ultraviolet waves that damage your skin. Only the healing far infrared waves are generated in a far infrared sauna.

These far infrared rays can penetrate 1-1/2 inches below the surface of the skin, whereas other methods of heating a sauna at much higher temperatures only heat the skin superficially.

Because infrared heat widens blood vessels it increases blood circulation and allows more oxygen to get to the injured areas. This helps reduce the pain and speeds up the healing process, reducing muscle pain and spasm. Infrared heat has also been used extensively in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and muscle spasms using infrared lamps or saunas.

Where Do I Get a Far Infrared Sauna?

There are many companies producing a big variety of saunas. Check around on the Internet and see what appeals to you.

I very much love the High Tech Health infrared sauna made of poplar wood. A great many saunas are made of cedar which has a very strong odor. Personally, I cannot tolerate that kind of chemical out gassing. A poplar wood sauna avoids that chemical exposure. The point of the sauna is to get rid of chemicals, not inhale more.

Nifty advantages of the High Tech Health infrared sauna include:

  • Made of poplar wood, healthier, less chemical exposure from the sauna and a nice light color.
  • Keeps environment friendlier.
  • Delivered in 6 sections, a floor, roof and 4 walls. Easy to snap together in 30 to 60 minutes. My husband and I easily put ours together and moved it a couple of times. The only section that is a little heavy is the front wall.
  • Fits in a small to medium size bedroom, smaller than a twin size bed.

Main thing to check is the amps required to run it. Some sizes need a 20 amp circuit which an electrician can easily install. Most homes have 15 amp circuits.

The staff members at High Tech Health are very helpful and pleasant. The company wants to personally take your order by phone. They feel internet ordering is too impersonal for such a significant item.

Tell them Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman, MD referred you. I have made special arrangements for you to receive a SIGNIFICANT discount from High Tech Health.

Important Notes

You need a lot more information before embarking on your own sauna detoxification process.

  • Learn some good protocols and be sure to follow all of the precautions.
  • Some people should not use a sauna. Find out who those people are in Dr. Jo’s Sauna Detox Health Report.
  • Others with precarious health conditions should only sauna under a doctor’s direct supervision.

Order your copy of Dr. Jo’s Sauna Detox Health Report now and download it immediately.