Detox Supplements

Detox supplements become essential to the cleansing process since they move the toxins out of the tissues faster. However, when the toxins move from inside the cells into the connective tissue they can irritate nerves causing symptoms. Adding the detox supplements as described below can literally save you a lot of headaches, as well as alleviate pain and nausea.


Food Form Vitamins and Minerals

Food Form Vitamins and Minerals are complex molecules surrounded by fats, carbohydrates and proteins as found in foods, but in a more concentrated amount than food provides. In this form the body easily recognizes these molecules and can easily assimilate them. Most vitamin and mineral supplements are chemicals, inorganic deficient substances that at best provide inadequate nutritional support and may actually upset our body chemistry and increase toxicity and stress vital organs. Try an Internet search to find a “food form” or “whole food vitamin and mineral” supplement.

Also I listed some good products that you can find at on this page:

The products listed under “Superfoods” can be used as a multi-supplement.


Chlorella, another essential detox supplement to aid in detoxification, is an algae. When its cell membrane is fractured Chlorella absorbs toxic metals and chemicals and eliminates them through the bowel. If Chlorella grows in contaminated water, it may contain toxic metals or chemicals, therefore be sure to buy good quality Chlorella. Nature’s Balance Chlorella, Sun Chlorella and Yaeyama Chlorella generally test well.

The amount of Chlorella to eat varies from person to person. To be extra cautious start with one Chlorella per day because Chlorella may actually start mobilizing toxins and that can sometimes cause symptoms of nausea or pain. Then increase to two Chlorella twice per day. When detoxification is progressing well most people have to take at least four Chlorella twice a day. Anytime someone experiences pain, nausea or fatigue, they need to increase the amount of Chlorella they are consuming. Some people have needed to eat 20 to 30 Chlorella per day at times.

A few people do not tolerate Chlorella at all because it causes diarrhea or headaches or some other adverse event. But in general Chlorella is your friend during detoxification.


Glyconutrients containing the 8 essential monosaccharides are essential for cellular communication and can be vital in the detoxification process utilizing detox supplements. These monosaccharides constitute the alphabet for cellular communication. We only eat 1-2 of them in our usual daily diets. If the body only receives ¼ of the alphabet that it requires, how can the cells communicate? Not very well.

In my experience when the cells dump a lot of toxins, they seem to overwhelm the nervous system and communication shuts down. This blockage in the nervous system manifests as extreme fatigue and brain fog. Taking glyconutrients will get the communication lines going again.

Many times when I’ve gone into nervous system blockage from detox, my brain has been so fogged that I’m too stupid to remember to take more glyconutrients. When the light finally dawns, I take them and start feeling better quickly. Also, I take them regularly at least twice per day. I could not get through detox without glyconutrients.

The FDA does not allow us to tell you about the brand name of these glyconutrients. If you would like more information please contact me.


MSM contains sulfhydryl groups that also bind toxins and helps excrete them through the kidneys. In that process the kidneys cleanse too. MSM is an essential detox supplement.

Sulfhydryl groups are normally found in fresh fruits and vegetables but because our vegetables are held in storage before we’re able to eat them the sulfhydryl groups dissipate from our food.

Sulfhydryl groups are normally abundant in the connective tissue and nervous tissue but many of us are depleted of this nutrient. By replenishing sulfhydryl groups toxic metals that have accumulated in the nervous system can be displaced and eliminated from the body.

Because the nervous system contains a lot of sulfhydryl groups and because mercury really likes sulfhydryl groups, mercury tends to accumulate in the nervous system, poisoning it. Therefore, replenishing sulfur by taking MSM can aid can help detoxify mercury and other toxins.


Since the cells utilize a lot of sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and bicarbonate in detoxifying themselves, these electrolytes are often depleted. With low electrolytes the cells accumulate more toxins and thus a vicious cycle develops. Therefore oral elect

If a person does not sweat easily, craves salt, fatigues easily, or is intolerant of heat, he/she may need oral electrolyte replacement. Sports drinks are not a good source of electrolytes. They contain sweeteners and may not have balanced minerals.

I use an electrolyte solution called E-lyte, a balanced solution of sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate. It is similar to the fluids that bathe our cells. Most people need 1 to 2 teaspoons of electrolytes diluted in 8 ounces of pure water twice per day. If they do not sweat easily or if this diluted solution does not taste salty, then they may need to increase the amount of daily electrolyte solution.

Do  not be afraid of the sodium in these electrolytes. The kidneys dump toxins into the urine by using sodium to exchange toxins across the cell membrane.

However persons with high blood pressure or heart disease need to use caution in taking these electrolytes. They must consult their doctor before starting to take them. If the blood pressure increases or fluid retention occurs, they would have to stop taking the electrolytes. However, taking a balanced electrolyte solution sometimes decreases high blood pressure. Give E-lyte a try.


Probiotics, also known as normal friendly organisms, help crowd out the unfriendly organisms. HMF Forte contains human strains of Lactobacilli acidophilus and bifidus. These human strains colonize the bowel more efficiently than most acidophilus products and after taking 2 per day for the first few weeks, only one per day is needed for several months. Of course probiotics always need to be replaced after taking antibiotics. Keep HMF Forte refrigerated.

Individualize other supplements needs

The need for supplementing single minerals, such as zinc, chromium, manganese, calcium, etc. must be determined by a health care practitioner who can also determine if other nutrients are needed.

Summary of Nutrient Detox Supplements:

  • Chlorella –  2 to 4 twice per day (or more for pain or nausea). Take 2 to 3 hours away from MSM, minerals, multi-vitamins and minerals because Chlorella could absorb the minerals and prevent uptake into the body.
  • Glyconutrient powder –  ¼ to ½ teaspoon or more twice per day
  • MSM – 500 to 1,000 mg twice per day.
  • E-lyte –  Oral electrolyte solution, 1 to 2 teaspoons twice per day.
  • HMF Forte – 2 per day for 2 weeks, then 1 per day for 8-10 months or other probiotic.