Detox and Dysbiosis

Detox and dysbiosis go hand in hand. As we detoxify the unfriendly organisms come out of hiding, possibly causing symptoms. Many microorganisms live happily in our gastrointestinal tracts and perform useful functions, such as making B vitamins for us and helping us digest our food. This happy relationship is called symbiosis. “Biosis” refers to life and “sym ” refers to working together for a beneficial relationship.

When the body is out of balance or out of homeostasis due to ingestion of antibiotics or accumulation of toxins or other stress factors, a dysbiosis may develop. Obviously dysbiosis indicates that the organisms are not living in harmony with the body. Dysbiosis frequently begins in the gut after taking antibiotics, which kill off the normal friendly bacteria and allow the unfriendly bacteria, yeast and other fungi to over grow.

These unfriendly organisms produce by-products of their metabolism, which can be toxic to human tissues. Often these toxic by-products cause people to crave sweets, which leads to a vicious cycle because the more sweets a person eats the more these organisms can over grow.

Mycelia of the Yeast Candida

Mycelia like these can grow into the lining of the bowel,

Unfriendly yeast in the bowel can send hyphae (which are spider leg like outgrowths from their cells) into the bowel wall. These hyphae puncture holes in the bowel membrane, which allows bowel contents to leak into the bloodstream (commonly known as leaky gut syndrome). Now the immune system is overburdened with toxic bowel contents.

Also, the lining of the gut may become so damaged that food is not digested completely. These larger molecules of food get into the bloodstream. The immune system recognizes these larger molecules as something foreign and starts attacking them. This immune system attack manifests as food allergies.

Unfriendly bacteria always accompany unfriendly yeast. Viruses and parasites may be part of the dysbiotic process also.

As the immune system becomes more overburdened and the body becomes more toxic the unfriendly organisms can move into other tissues. They especially love to hide in clusters of nerves called ganglia.

Ganglia act as peripheral brains in the tissues controlling organs in their vicinity. When they become toxic or harbor unfriendly organisms they cannot control the function of tissues properly. For example, the sphenopalatine ganglia in the temple area of the head controls the function of the sinuses. Toxins or unfriendly organisms in this ganglia can induce chronic sinusitis and/or headaches.


The Ganglia that Controls the Sinuses

The sphenopalatine ganglia controls sinus function

These unfriendly critters also like to hide out in joints and almost any other tissue in the body.

Don’t confuse dysbiosis with infection. Infection is generally quite obvious, more acute, and the immune system mounts a more vigorous attack against it. Dysbiosis is more insidious, gradually sneaking up on a person so that it is difficult to recognize this disharmony of organisms. Dr. Klinghardt, M.D., my mentor, theorizes that these unfriendly organisms are actually trying to protect us from the toxicity in our tissues. He feels they actually absorb some of the toxins so that our tissues do not suffer the full effect of the toxins. He reached this conclusion from studying the mining literature.

To mine metal they spray the mine with an emulsion of microorganisms containing bacteria and most abundantly containing Chlorella. These organisms absorb the metals into their cell walls and then the metals are harvested out of the organisms. Perhaps we should actually be thankful for these organisms. However, to restore harmony in the body, we must recreate an optimally healthy environment, one that these organisms do not like.

Creating that healthy environment or healthy soil of the body involves establishing healthy lifestyles of eating, beneficial exercise, adequate rest, et cetera. If toxicity and dysbiosis becomes firmly entrenched in the body we need good doctoring.

When the doctor starts you on homeopathics and other modalities that detoxify the cells, the microorganisms will come out with the toxins. They must be suppressed with homeopathics and herbal remedies during the long detoxification process.

Cleaning up the body’s environment, suppressing the microorganisms and replacing them with friendly organisms is the only way to bring the body back to true homeostasis and harmony. Throwing antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral medications at these organisms will only create more dysbiosis of organisms and produce organisms that are more difficult to treat.

(For more in-depth information, read Dr. Nancy E. Appleton’s book, The Curse of Louis Pasteur.)

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