Chlorella – Your Friend in Detoxification

Chlorella may be your best friend in your detoxification process.

Interest in detoxifying the body grows daily. That’s great. Finally people realize the toxic accumulation in their bodies and want to do something about. Detox is a big subject to cover. Let’s take it one step at a time. You will find an over view of the detoxification process in the Detox Highway on my web site.

After mobilizing the toxins from their hiding places in our tissues, they have to have a way out of the body through the bowel and the kidneys. So obviously making sure those pipes are clear is the first priority in detox. Be sure to establish good bowel movements with this simple colon cleanse before you start taking chlorella.

In all the years that I’ve helped folks detoxify, chlorella has been the most important supplement in the program.


So what’s a chlorella?

Chlorella, algae, is a green food, full of a balance of nature made nutrients. On top of that it acts as a sponge to absorb toxins. Wow, nutrition and detox in one simple food.

Chlorella comes in powder, tablet or capsule form depending on the manufacturer. My favorite brands include Nature’s Balance Chlorella, Sun Chlorella and Yaeyama Chlorella. By professional consensus they seem to be the purest forms available.

Since chlorella is grown in water, it can be contaminated with toxic metals such as mercury, which you are trying to get rid of. In my practice everyone tested well for Nature’s Balance Chlorella whereas, some did not test well for other brands, especially if these patients were chemically sensitive. Also, it comes in a capsule, so you get the easier absorption of a powder form without the taste. However it may be hard to find in stores since Nature’s Balance tends to sell to health care professionals.

Sun Chlorella and Yaeyama Chlorella are available as small tablets or powder in most health food stores or Internet stores.


How do I take it? Start with one per day and work up to 2 or more twice per day of Nature’s Balance Chlorella. The other brands are smaller tablets, so you can start with 2 per day and work up to 6 or more twice per day. You can gradually increase to whatever you need to control symptoms of detoxification.

Chlorella releases toxins from cells (a good thing) because of the good nutrients in it. When these toxins move from inside the cell where they interfere with energy production, etc. into the connective tissue they come in contact with nerves. These mobilized toxins may irritate the nerves causing pain (such as headache or stomach pain, burning in muscles, etc.) or nausea. So you need to move them out of the connective tissue into the blood to be excreted as quickly as possible via the kidneys or bowel. So take more chlorella if you experience pain or nausea.


Chlorella binds the toxins and drags them out of the connective tissue where they are irritating those nerves and causing symptoms. Getting the toxins on their way out of the body helps alleviate the detox symptoms. When nausea is caused by toxicity, chlorella will stop the nausea very quickly as it binds the toxins in the gastro-intestinal tract. It may take longer to bind the toxins out in the tissues, but you will still get relief. Chlorella is a food so you can take more without difficulty. I’ve taken up to 30 per day of Nature’s Balance Chlorella.

Initially fine tuning the number of chlorella you need to take to alleviate the symptoms may be a delicate balancing act. Here’s the potential problem at first. If you take more chlorella to alleviate the pain or nausea, it may also release more toxins into the tissues which increases the symptoms.

Simply decrease the amount of chlorella you take, drink lots of water and keep those bowels moving. In a day or two try increasing the number of chlorella. You will find that happy balance quickly. After those initial days of finding the right balance, you should be able to increase the number of chlorella that you take without creating more symptoms.


Avoid taking chlorella with any mineral supplements including vitamin and minerals in a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Since chlorella binds metals (a good thing to get rid of toxic metals like lead and mercury) it could bind your nutrient minerals also. So it’s best to take chlorella at least 2 hours away from any minerals, just so they are not in your stomach at the same time. However, taking them together will not harm you, but you may not get the full benefit of either one.

If you wake up in the night, have some chlorella at your bed side and take it then if it is difficult to find time in the day. Also, if you tend to awaken in the night and cannot go back to sleep easily, try taking some chlorella. The body is busy detoxifying during the night when it doesn’t have to deal with the day time issues. It may release toxins that are stimulating to your brain, so you cannot go back to sleep. Taking chlorella may help you sleep by binding up those toxins.


Are there any side effects to taking chlorella?

Yes, you can have detoxification symptoms, as described above and in more detail in the detoxification symptoms article. If you person experience any of those symptoms generally taking more chlorella will get rid of the symptom. If you are having a lot of detox symptoms, it may take a week or two to settle on the right amount of chlorella for yourself.

Occasionally someone will get diarrhea from taking chlorella. Usually decreasing the dose will reverse that symptom.

Occasionally someone else will have constipation with chlorella. I think constipation occurs because chlorella is pulling toxins out through the bowel (a good thing). Those toxins make the bowel sluggish. Take enough magnesium to get your bowels moving 2 to 3 times a day so you can keep taking the chlorella. (Review the simple colon cleanse again to keep those bowels moving!)


A few people do not tolerate chlorella at all. I am still not sure why they cannot tolerate it. It can be difficult to tell whether you are having a detox reaction and so need more chlorella or you are just not going to tolerate chlorella at all. Persons who have not tolerated chlorella usually do well taking Proalgen.

So, whether you take chlorella or Proalgen, it’s EASY. Twice a day take a couple of capsules or tablets and increase the amount as needed to alleviate detox symptoms.

But they are not magic pills. Feeling good is not the initial goal. Expect only gradual improvement. In fact, the way you feel may go up and down as you go through various detox stages. That’s normal and to be expected. Review Detoxification Symptoms for more details.

Detoxification Symptoms