Hair Analysis 2 – More Benefits

Besides helping detect toxic metals in your tissues, the hair analysis test reports the level of minerals in your hair, an added bonus.

Without those all important good minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and a host of others, you would become a disease infested slug. So do you think it might be a good idea to find out what your body is doing with the minerals you consume in your food and supplements?

Blood tests for trace minerals don’t give us much information because the body protects the blood at all costs. It will rob your tissues of vital minerals to keep the blood levels normal. The blood has to stay in balance to protect your vital organs, the heart, lungs and kidneys.

So you can be extremely depleted of minerals in your tissues and the blood levels of minerals will test normal.

When you order a hair analysis for toxic metals, you can also request that the lab test for the trace (good) minerals in your hair.

Hair analysis can be one window into looking at tissue levels of nutrients. But hair analysis has to be interpreted with an understanding that the body throws toxic substances into the hair to get rid of them. Hair analysis cannot be interpreted the same way that blood tests are interpreted.

Bottom line: you cannot interpret mineral levels in the hair in the same way you interpret blood levels. Blood tells you what’s happening in your body the instant the blood was drawn. Hair tells you a history of what has been going on over the last 3 months.

If your hair analysis tests for the good minerals that your body needs, don’t be alarmed if you see high or low levels of these needed nutrients. Minerals show up in the hair according to how your body chemistry is balancing and according to your metabolic type. For instance, one metabolic type may show high calcium and magnesium in the hair with low sodium and potassium. Another metabolic type will show just the opposite. Either way, something is upsetting that person’s body chemistry (usually our lifestyle choices).

An upset in body chemistry indicates stress on your glands. So hair analysis gives you a way to see if all the wonderful things that you’re doing for yourself helps remove the stress from the glands.

As your glands settle down into a normally functioning mode, the calcium-magnesium and sodium-potassium will come into the normal range. Ah-h-h, your body releases a sigh of relief.

Content glands mean a healthier you.

But you cannot force trace minerals into the cells when the cells are loaded with toxins. These toxins clog the gates into the cells. You could have adequate or high levels of these minerals in your blood and they would never penetrate that clogged cell membrane.

So do not start taking a lot of supplements to try to change the hair analysis. Just eat well, take basic broad spectrum whole food supplements and get rid of the toxic metals. Over the course of time your mineral levels in the hair will come into the normal range as you get rid of the toxins and eat well.

If you start taking a bunch of minerals, your cells may be unable to assimilate them because the toxic metals block the channels into the cell. So it’s just a waste of time and money and a greater stress on your body to have to deal with a bunch of supplemented minerals.

On the other hand, when you are detoxified, your body will be ready to absorb a lot of minerals and then you may need to take some specific mineral supplements.

Your health care practitioner can order your hair test collection kits. If you need a suggestion for laboratories that perform hair analysis, you can check these labs:


The hair analysis test results come with a good explanation of what the levels of toxic metals and good minerals mean in your hair. Read through that explanation. Then keep your hair analysis tests so you can compare them and watch the progress of dumping toxic metals and balancing the good minerals.

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