Hair Analysis 1 – Toxic Metals

To reassure yourself that you’re doing the right thing by chelating out those metals, use your hair analysis as a guide to your detoxification progress.

Watch the fascinating results of cleansing with chelation therapy by checking your hair analysis every 3 months.

Follow the progress of your detoxification with EDTA suppositories by testing for the toxic metals in your hair. It’s such an easy test to collect. Have your health care practitioner or your hair stylist cut the hair samples as directed in the hair test kit.

The hair samples come from the back of your head. The sites of collection can be well hidden under the layers of your hair so no one will ever see the patches of very short hair. It’s painless and can give you a lot of very valuable information.

Hair analysis gives you a historical report of what your body has thrown away into the hair over the previous 3 months. As EDTA mobilizes the toxic metals from your tissues, some of these toxins get thrown out into the hair as they travel through the blood stream.

I recommend sending a hair sample in for testing before starting to use EDTA suppositories so you have a baseline control test. Then repeat your hair analysis every 3 months to follow your detox progress.

Hair analysis helps you know how long you should keep chelating with the EDTA suppositories. While using the EDTA suppositories you’ll see the toxic metal levels go higher on each subsequent hair analysis until you’ve unloaded most of the toxic metal burden from your body.  Eventually the toxic metal levels will start coming down.

My patients threw a lot of toxic metals into the hair during the time they were receiving EDTA chelation therapy. First the lead might start going up. Then the next hair analysis it would be even higher. Lead would stay high in the hair for a while and then start going back down, a sign that most of the lead had been removed from the body.

Then another metal like cadmium might start to rise in the hair, stay high for awhile and then go down.

Often the hair analysis would show several toxic metals at the same time.

When the levels of toxic metals returned to none or minimal amounts, we knew that the primary toxic load had been removed from the body.

But it’s important to continue on a maintenance program of EDTA suppositories to grab any toxic metals that manage to penetrate into your body again. You still live in this toxic world no matter how careful you are.

Also, some of the toxic metals stored very deep in your cells will eventually work their way up to more superficial levels where the EDTA can grab them. So keep up your maintenance program of EDTA suppositories.

Enjoy this really easy part of making your life vibrant and energetic.