Chelation – Should I?

Most wise individuals really want to know if they should undergo chelation therapy.

I can’t say for sure that you need chelation therapy, but most people have accumulated toxins in their bodies from everyday environmental pollution. It’s worth a trial on EDTA suppositories with follow up lab work to see what comes out of your body. Then continue to use EDTA suppositories until no more heavy metals come out.

At that point start maintenance with one EDTA suppository per week to remove any toxic metals that may still migrate out of your cells and to knock out those toxic metals trying to enter your body again as you contact them in your environment. You are constantly exposed to heavy metals.

You and your doctor can uncover hidden toxins in your tissues, but not with blood tests. Your body stuffs the toxins into the tissues as fast as possible to get them out of the blood to protect your vital organs.

Your blood can show no trace of heavy metals at the same time that your tissues are loaded with them. So you have to do some special challenges to nudge the toxins out of the tissues and into the urine or hair where you can measure them.

As a clinician using EDTA detoxification I found the following tests most helpful in detecting heavy metals.

Three ways to find out if you are toxic and then follow your progress in detox.

  1. Urine testing – Collect urine for the specified time on the test. Mail it to the lab for analysis
  2. Stool testing – Collect your bowel movement by the specified method on the test. Mail it to the lab for analysis.
  3. Hair Test – Collect your hair as directed on the hair analysis kit. Mail it to the lab for analysis.

Be aware.

You most likely will not see any toxic metals in your urine, stool or hair on the first analysis.

Your body tucks toxins deep in the tissues to keep them from killing your vital organs. But wherever they’re stashed in your tissues, they’re poisoning the area around them.

So, to prove you have these toxic stores, you have to do something to mobilize the toxins.

That’s where EDTA comes in. It grabs the toxic metals, holds onto them and dumps them into the bowel movement, urine and hair. Once you’ve mobilized the toxic metals, the lab can measure the levels in your stool, urine and hair.

For urine and stool tests, collect the specimens after using EDTA in the form of one rectal suppository every other night for 4 nights. Mail the specimens to the lab. You will receive your report back in the mail.

Some people like to have their stool and urine tested before using the rectal suppository as a baseline test. That’s a good idea if you can afford it. Most likely the before test will not show any toxins.

Urine and stool testing for heavy metals gives you right now, in the moment results of what your body is excreting. If cost is a problem, the urine test (without the stool test) will most likely give you the information you need.

Hair analysis gives you a historical report of what your body has thrown away into the hair over the previous 3 months. I do recommend sending a hair sample in for testing before starting to use EDTA suppositories as your baseline control test.

Then collect a hair analysis every 3 months. You can obtain the kits for testing your urine, stool and hair through your health care practitioner.

Some suggested labs for testing include:

  • Stool, urine and hair analysis:
  • Hair analysis test only:

Get started right now. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel renewed.

Order a hair analysis test kit to check the baseline minerals and toxic metals in your hair before you start using EDTA suppositories.

Order a fecal metal test kit or urine metal test. Then collect the stool or urine specimen according to the directions in the kit after using EDTA suppositories, one every other night until you have used 3-4 suppositories total.

Repeat tests:

  • Hair – every three months
  • Fecal metal test – once per month for first 3 months, then once every 3 months

Chelation therapy could change your life for the better in more ways than you will ever know. Do yourself and your loved ones a big favor. Find out if you need chelation therapy. The life you save may be your own. The disabilities you avoid or reverse could be your own.