Chelation may be a foreign term to you. But if you’re ready to get rid of those toxic metals that rob your energy and vitality and lead you down the destructive pathway of disease, you’ve come to the right place to find out how to get rid of them using chelation.

Our world is toxic. We eat, breathe, and drink toxins. Gradually they accumulate in our tissues. Gradually they grind down our health.

And they hide. Doctors don’t know how to find them. Most blood and urine tests don’t detect them because they are hiding in our tissues.

So What is Chelation?

Chelate means “claw”, to grab something and hold onto it. In traditional chelation therapy doctors administer EDTA, an amino acid complex into the blood stream as an IV. As EDTA circulates through the body it grabs toxic metals like lead, cadmium, nickel, aluminum and even mercury, holds onto them tightly and flushes those toxic metals out through the kidneys and bowel.

The IV administration assures that the EDTA reaches the tissues that need to unload their toxic accumulations. If you swallow a pill containing EDTA, very little of it reaches your tissues because it is not absorbed well via the oral route.

In fact, if you pass EDTA through your digestive tract regularly, it may deplete you of the necessary minerals that keep your cells running efficiently. EDTA also binds to the minerals you need and flushes them out through the kidneys.

You’ve probably read all the hype about taking oral chelation, but beware. I do not recommend taking EDTA by mouth. It has limited effectiveness and can potentially cause mineral deficits in your body leading to fatigue and other symptoms.

Here’s the good news.

You can now chelate at home with a form of EDTA administration that’s well absorbed and may even be more effective than administering EDTA intravenously. And it’s a lot cheaper than IV chelation, which costs well over $100 per treatment for 30 or more treatments.

So here it is – an EDTA suppository that you can use safely in your own home. However, always consult with your doctor before and during any health enhancing endeavors. If your family doctor does not feel comfortable helping you with chelation, then find an alternative, holistic, integrative practitioner to guide you through this program.

This information on chelation therapy is for educational purposes only, as a resource to help you and your doctor.

Besides the decreased cost of rectal administration of EDTA, you get even more advantages from rectal administration of EDTA:

  • Since the absorption of EDTA from the rectum takes longer than IV EDTA, the EDTA stays in the body longer than IV chelation, over 8 hours as opposed to over 1.5 hours IV.
  • The best EDTA suppositories exhibit high EDTA tissue concentrations where it can effectively remove heavy metal toxins at a cellular level.
  • EDTA via suppository may cost 70% less than traditional IV chelation.
  • EDTA suppositories don’t require needles and time-consuming office visits.
  • EDTA suppositories work while you sleep.

Wow, all of you who sat in a doctor’s office for hours and hours getting your IV EDTA will be excited about all of these advantages of EDTA Suppositories.

All of you who couldn’t afford IV chelation therapy, but really wanted it now have an affordable, easy, non-time consuming way to get this effective treatment.

All of you who lived too far away from a chelating doctor can now have it right in your own home. What could be more convenient?

When I closed my practice, I felt so bad that my patients no longer had easy access to chelation therapy, for no other doctors were providing it in our area for hundreds of miles. Because malpractice insurance for chelating doctors rose to such a ridiculous cost, many doctors could not afford to continue providing IV chelation in their offices.

Now you know why I became so excited when I found out how efficiently and economically EDTA suppositories work. And I wanted you to know about it right away.

If you or your doctor do not have a source for EDTA, consider calling 1-877-656-4553 for an excellent source. If you like to save money, tell them Dr. Tillman referred you for a 10% discount.


Disclosure: If you purchase EDTA suppositories from the number listed above and mention Dr. Tillman’s name, she may receive some remuneration.