Are You Taking This Seriously?

After communicating with some of you special folks by email I realized that I may not have emphasized the importance of implementing the information that I share with you. It’s really not for entertainment nor more head knowledge. You have to utilize it and incorporate it in your life if you want to live better and healthier.

So maybe you don’t understand why implementing this info is so vital to your health. Let’s get down to the basics. We’re sick and decrepit for three reasons (well, maybe four):

  • Nutrition – eating inflammatory (death) food and not eating nutrient dense food
  • Toxicity – we live in a toxic soup!
  • Dysbiosis – we’ve made our bodies an environment that the not-so-friendly germs love
  • Exercise – too little or too much

Let’s take a look at toxicity and how to detoxify your body first. Do you have any clues about how many toxins you have accumulated in your tissues over years of toxic accumulation from sources that you are not even aware of? You cannot taste, see or smell them. Yet they are ubiquitously there. You regularly inhale them, eat them and absorb them through your skin.

We’ve got to wake up and take control of our environment and what we put into our bodies!

Maybe you have chronic kidney disease because a toxic metal has lodged in your kidneys. Mercury can be a big culprit here (and in a lot of other vital organs too). “But I haven’t been exposed to mercury.”

Well let’s think about that. Do you have silver fillings in your mouth? Those “silver” fillings are half mercury and the mercury leaches out of them and migrates to your vital organs.

Do you eat fish? Eating fish can be a good thing, but the larger fish like tuna and salmon can accumulate mercury because we’ve managed to pollute that great body of water, the ocean with mercury.

Have you used fluorescent bulbs? Handle them carefully because they contain mercury. Many electronic devices contain mercury or other toxic metals. That’s why the handle them so carefully at the dump.

Ok, so maybe you have some other degenerative disease. Is it diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorder, cancer? You name it, the same principles apply. You may have other toxic metals in your tissues like lead, cadmium, nickel or aluminum. And all of us have toxic chemical accumulations according to a doctor who does fat biopsies before starting people on an intense sauna detox program. He finds everyone has 300-400 toxic chemicals in their fat cells.

So don’t you want to handle your body carefully too by learning to:

Avoid becoming that toxic waste dump

Cleanse and detoxify your body

People who have gone through a cleansing report feeling so fresh and clean, revitalized, more energetic, and thinking clearly. It refreshes the mind and body.

It’s worth the investment.

That’s why I have included a wealth of information about detoxification on this website. My patients implemented these detox steps and gradually reversed their dis-eases.

From my research and clinical experience with patients I gradually settled on this method of detox because people can easily incorporate it in their daily routines. It doesn’t take but a few minutes per day, an important consideration when everyone is so busy and it gets the job done.

There are lots of other ways to detox, some get the job done faster than others but they require more time and dedication to making radical life style changes. You may find that some of the quicker methods appeal to you.

For instance, in “Fat, Sick and Almost Dead” (you can rent it on Netflix) is a documentary about an Australian gentleman who came to the USA to turn his life around. He figured if he could go on a fresh vegetable and fruit juice fast for 60 days in the Fast Food nation, he would be able to reset his lifestyle for good.

When he arrived in the USA he was obese and had chronic urticaria. Hives would pop out on his body for no apparent reason. He was taking a pile of prescription drugs. Obviously all the junk (death food) that he had eaten had left an accumulation of toxic substances and inferior building blocks in his body that triggered the hives among other problems.

His transformation was remarkable. You have to see it to believe it. The pile of pills went away. The fat came off. The urticaria disappeared. He looked like a new and younger man. And he inspired other people on this journey to health and life.

He accomplished all of this by consuming highly nutrient dense food and avoiding inflammatory death food. He also exercised.

I commend him for being able to stick to that juice fast for 60 days. Most of us would not be willing or able to do that. But we can still detoxify at a slower pace be eating clean, taking detoxification supplements and exercising.


You will find recommendations and guidelines throughout this web site to help you cleanse and detoxify your body. The special health reports contain even more information.

Please review this detoxification information and then choose a plan of action and do it!