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Detox Baths Help Recovery from Covid Shots or Infection

Do you love soaking in a tub of hot water?

Add a few ingredients to the water to enhance its wellness improving effects and to aid detox after Covid shots or infection.

Dr. Carrie Madej says these baths remove from the body: radiation poisoning, pesticides, heavy metals and some parasites as well as nanoparticles.

The following recipe has also been advocated in presentations by other doctors. I have been familiar with the baking soda, Epsom Salts and clay for detox baths for a long time. Adding the Borax is a new concept for me.

Here is her recipe:

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My Journey to Integrative Medicine


My Journey to Integrative Medicine

Journey Into Integrative Medicine

For those of you who are not aware of my background, I would like to briefly share my journey into Integrative Medicine to deal with health and disease issues. You may  primarily have experienced conventional medicine as I did in the first part of my life. Then something happened that steered my in a different direction.

Childhood – Conventional Medicine To ER Doc

In childhood our family only used main stream medical treatments and that continued for me all through medical school at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School, where I graduated in … Read the rest

Straw Bale Gardening Solves a Host of Soil Problems

Straw Bale Gardening caught our attention.

Why? Because so many tree roots have grown into the west side of our garden that the trees are stealing the nutrients and water making it difficult to grow our vegetables. When we read that straw bales can be placed anywhere, even on a driveway or roof top, we thought maybe we could redeem that side of the garden.

And so we started our adventure in straw bale gardening following the instructions in Joel Karsten’s book Straw Bale Gardens Complete. You can also visit his web site

Of course we preferred organic … Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter – Aiden Makes Healthy Cookies for Mom


Ever since Aiden was 2 years old he’s made cookies for his mom at our house. No one else gets to eat mom’s cookies unless they really beg for a bite. And we always use the yellow bowl to make cookies. At six years old he now makes a new cookie from a recipe his Meem (Dr. Jo) developed. You might enjoy Aiden’s cookies too.

Click here for the Coconut Brownies Healthy RecipeHealthy Coconut Brownies

Articles of the Week

Eat Yourself Thin
Great article on normalizing weight Take-Home Message: to Normalize Your Weight, Eat Real Food, Exercise Wisely,
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Hdl Cholesterol Improves with 15 Minute per Week Exercise


Cholesterol levels can come into a healthy range with exercise. The Fit in 15 Minutes per Week workout does it in only 15 minutes per WEEK of effort. Now how’s that for efficiency

Let’s take a look into the common thinking about total blood cholesterol levels and the Hdl/Ldl fractions of cholesterol

Should your total cholesterol be as low as possible?
What about the Hdl and Ldl cholesterol? Should they be low or high

From the doctor’s office to TV programs we hear that cholesterol is such a villain, especially the Ldl form of cholesterol, that many of us … Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter: Problem: Roundup in your body? What’s the Solution?

What would you do if you knew the herbicide Roundup was accumulating in your body?


Roundup in breast milkSome innovative and concerned moms involved in Moms Across America commissioned a study to determine if glyphosate would be detected in breast milk.

And sure enough, there it is, accumulating in mother’s milk in 3 of the 10 samples tested. The levels they detected were “760 to 1600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive allows for individual pesticides (Glyphosate is both a pesticide and herbicide)”. This study found levels of 76 ug/l to 166 ug/l in mother’s milk…

For breast milk to … Read the rest

Vaccine Decisions – Based on Emotion or Evidence?

vaccine monster


People seems to take sides on the vaccine issue based on emotional responses rather than wise decisions based on unbiased information. Even news casters, who normally present both sides, discuss the vaccine controversy from their own emotional responses.

So, I challenge you to learn more about vaccines, especially from knowledgeable professionals and lay people who do not parrot mainstream medicine and media. That’s why I have shared resources about vaccines rather consistently with you recently.

And now I’m even more concerned

” Right now, there are 36 states considering 110 different bills to limit or eliminate personal belief exemptions.… Read the rest

A Gift in Every Storm

God's Gifts in the Storms

In every circumstance God encounters you with His promise, provision and upgrade. When you face the giant with God you become bigger than the giant. Even in those pesky every day annoyances and especially in the big trials ask God to show you His promise and His gift to you.

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Migraines Triggered by BPA in Plastics

Migraines afflict 18% of women (27 million women in the United States) and 6% of men and finding the underlying cause of these debilitating headaches can be quite elusive.


Recent research at Kansas University found one possible trigger for migraines – BPA! Bisphenol A lurks in plastic products and has estrogen- like properties. By causing estrogen levels to rise in the body it may trigger migraines.


Female rats were used in this study since they get headaches similar to humans. When a migraine strikes a rat they avoid light, sound, grooming, and routine movements. (Who would have … Read the rest

Rising Above the Deception – Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Addiction equals enslavement. Do you want to be enslaved to the disease-inducing effects of sugar addiction?

Do you want to continue eating fake food? Eating fake food is like building your house on the sand. When the rains come down you crash!


I choose not to be enslaved by sugar addiction. It took a lot of conscious effort to overcome my sugar addiction, but it’s worth it. In the process I found out how to build my body on a solid foundation. Everyday I thank the good Lord for my healthy and pain-free body. Before turning my sugar addiction … Read the rest