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Super Immune Support with Rapid Immune Response

Super Immune Support

Are you taking care of yourself in this germ season?

Are you armed with the best protection stashed in your cupboard so you can fight the assault at the first onset of symptoms?

In the previous article Fight Those Germs with Immune Support Supplements we reviewed the top notch supplements to have on hand to ingest right away so you can overpower those germs before they over power you.

Now let’s look at a must-have in your cupboard in more detail. If your budget only allows you to stock one or two supplements then I highly recommend this one:


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Fight Those Germs with Immune Support Supplements

immune support supplements

It’s Holiday Season

Be sure you have plenty of immune support supplements in your cupboards.

Time to mix it up with friends and family. And also time to mix it up with germs.

Be on guard! Stock up on immune support supplements to boost your immune system and have some fight power at the first symptoms of germ invasion.

At least in the northern hemisphere, we also have much less opportunity to expose our skin to the sun’s rays that stimulate the conversion of cholesterol to that potent germ fighter Vitamin D.

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Why Are Iodine Levels So Low – Part 2

Why are iodine levels so low?

We don’t eat enough iodine! Deficiency of iodine in the soil leads to deficiency in our food. In an attempt to remedy iodine deficiency, salt was supplemented with iodine. But the iodine in salt does not absorb well. If we ate sea food regularly, we might have enough iodine in our systems. But most of us do not eat enough sea food.

You can find some really tasty seafood recipes in Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook, so eat up.

For more background on iodine deficiency take a look at:

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The Missing Mineral – Part 1

Are you missing this one vital mineral in your diet?

If you are, you may be unnecessarily suffering from:

  • Thyroid disease – high and low thyroid disorders with or without goiter
  • Fibrocystic breast disease
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Brain fog (muddle thinking, hard to think clearly)
  • Constipation
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease , especially persistent atrial fibrillation

So what is this missing mineral?

I’ll give you a hint. If you eat sea food you may have plenty of this mineral in your body.

Did you guess that this commonly deficient mineral is iodine? Well, you’re right.

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Products Available at Vitacost

For your convenience I researched some of the better products at to save you some time. Personally I like to order from Vitacost because of good prices and good service. You can find these products at other online shops and health food stores. Just thought this information might give you a place to start looking for your products. I have no financial interest in Vitacost, nor do I receive any remuneration from them.

Vitacost may change the products they carry, so you may not find all of the products listed below when you search the Vitacost site.

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Vitamin D Part 3 Supplements

In Vitamin D Part 2 we found out that vitamin D not only strengthens our bones and teeth, but also can help prevent all sorts of dread diseases (almost any disease that you can think of).

Vitamin D, a multifaceted health benefit to our bodies, becomes especially important this time of year as the days get shorter and the germs start flying around. Less sunlight on our skin means less vitamin D production in the skin. But we need more vitamin D to fight the germs, colds, and flu that becomes so prevalent in the fall and winter.

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Vitamin D Part 2 Health Benefits

So what happens if we get safe sun exposure so our skin can make vitamin D or if we take a vitamin D supplement to raise blood levels? Does vitamin D actually provide a host of health benefits?

Of course, the first disease that we may think of is osteoporosis, a disorder helped by adequate vitamin D and calcium intake. But we can’t be sure a person has optimal vitamin D in their blood without following blood tests. Often vitamin D supplements have to be pushed much higher than commonly recommended to reach the level that will effectively counteract osteoporosis.… Read the rest

What’s the Most Common Vitamin Deficiency?

With all the supplements everyone takes, would you think that most people are still deficient in one crucial amazing vitamin that prevents and helps so many disease processes?

Can you guess the name of this deficient vitamin? Did you know it’s readily available most days but you actually go to great strides to avoid it?

With all of the buzz about it in the news you probably guessed right. Yep, it’s vitamin D.

I first wrote about vitamin D in the fall of 2008 after attending a medical conference sponsored by the International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM), an organization … Read the rest

Safer Personal Care Items

Choosing safe and healthy personal care items and supplements from the great variety  available can be a daunting task, especially if you have to research every one of them. So I have done some research that may make your search a bit easier. Since I order from quite  frequentlyI have listed the products available from Vitacost that are safer and healthier. You can also find the same products at other sites and in health food stores. (I have no financial ties to I just find them a good company to work with.)

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Supplement Descriptions

Borage oil and Evening Primrose oil are both omega six oils that contain high amounts of GLA. Some of us cannot convert the omega six foods we eat such as almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, whole grains, etc into GLA, which is the first step in processing these oils, because we have a block in our enzyme systems. Therefore, if you get preformed GLA in these oils you can get past that blockage and make the necessary prostaglandins, which are short acting hormones in the body that can help fight inflammation, support the reproductive tract, etc.

GLA Borage Oil

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