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A Kidney Bean for Sleep?

Wow, it’s great to hear from so many of you.

And have we had some interesting feedback about insomnia problems.

This may be the most interesting feedback of all in regard to sleep disturbance:


“This is a hard to believe remedy for sleeping but it works.

I was amazed that taping a kidney bean to your wrist could do this.

My sister tried it and it worked for her so I tried it.

The real test was the full moon phase when I often don’t sleep well. I usually have to move my head to the foot of the Read the rest

Sleep Disturbance 3 – Calcium

If you tried taking Chlorella before bed time and during the night to counteract sleep disturbance and you are still not sleeping well your sleep disturbance may spring from other causes. Here are some other things to try for insomnia. I suggest trying them one at a time so you will know which one helps you.

Try taking calcium at night just before bedtime (if you need to take calcium supplementation) since it can have a calming effect on your system.

Make sure your sleeping room is totally dark. Any light at all can disrupt the pineal gland and … Read the rest

Sleep Disturbance 2 Toxicity

If you consider the number of prescriptions written for sleeping pills, you begin to realize that sleep disruption has become a major problem. But sleeping pills only put a band-aid on the problem. The cause of the sleep problem goes undetected. Like any other malfunction in the body, we look for the underlying upset in body chemistry, deal with it and the malfunction goes away.

Having difficulty sleeping is a lot like any bodily disorder. It has a lot of causes. So for now I will cover some causes that may be relatively unknown in medical articles. First of all … Read the rest

Sleep Disturbance1Over Stimulated by Diet

If we’re going to talk about sleep disturbance, we better start with the basics before you waste your money on a lot of sleep aids.

Of course, when you’re around me, we always start with diet and toxicity – both big culprits in a lot of things that ail us.

Eating sweets can rob your sleep too.

Consumption of concentrated sweets, (we’ll just call them sugar for short) over-stimulates our glands. When the adrenals kick into action, they pour out adrenaline among other hormones.

Eating sweets induces uneven blood sugar levels. When blood glucose levels fall, the adrenals secrete adrenaline … Read the rest