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The Dangers Of Soft Drinks And Heart Disease

By Guest author Steve Kelly

They taste sweet, but there’s a darker side to sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks. They may increase the risk of the number one killer of Americans – heart disease.


Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Heart Disease: The Dangers of Too Many Soft Drinks


According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, soft drinks are bad for the heart. When researchers looked at the beverage sipping habits of almost 89,000 middle-aged women using questionnaires, they found that drinking two or more sugar-sweetened drinks boosted heart disease risk in these women by … Read the rest

Recover Heart Health

Now even Doctor’s Research Agrees That Healthy Nutrition Is the Best Way to Combat Hardening of the Arteries and High Blood Pressure

An International group of renowned doctors just released the results of their 2 year study of 140 people over a two year period in the doctor’s journal called Circulation. The participants in this study ate a diet low in carbohydrates and high in the low carb vegetables. They avoided trans and processed fats.

Using 3D ultrasound imaging technology to view the effects of this diet on the arteries, they literally saw the decrease in volume and thickness … Read the rest

Alcoholic Beverages Decrease the Death Rate from Heart Disease

New Resource:


We’ll get to the Medical Alert information in a minute. But first I want to share another new resource with you.

As I was reviewing the National Institutes of Health Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) web site I was reminded that nutritional supplements can be produced without any uniform guidelines of production. Therefore, you may or may not be getting the active ingredients in the best form in the vitamins, herbs and other supplements you buy.

So I started looking for resources we can trust. That’s when I found Healthy Directions, founded by well-known, trustworthy, knowledgeable holistic physicians: … Read the rest