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2 Simple Ways to Soothe Gut Food Allergy Reactions Part 2

If you haven’t discovered the first step to healing a leaky gut and decreasing the propensity for food allergies be sure to read 2 Simple Ways to Soothe Gut Food Allergy Reactions Part 1.


This next step adds one or two herbs that provide a protective coating to the mucous membranes of your gut, soothing and rebuilding them to help resolve that leaky gut business.


Herbs that decrease gut inflammation:

Some herbs are known to decrease inflammation in the gut and aid in building a barrier against irritants and stomach acid. You may want to add one … Read the rest

2 Simple Ways to Soothe Gut Food Allergy Reactions Part 1

Heal the gut with bone broth and gelatin drinks

Eggs – A Common Food Allergen

Recently my sister sent me a note asking me to look at an IgG food allergy blood panel that her doctor had ordered. Her body had manufactured high levels of antibodies to some of the foods that were tested.


In my prior clinical practice I would tell people to stop eating the foods that showed high antibody levels and rotate their other foods so they were not eating the same foods every day. Some practitioners even advised their patients to utilize a 4 day rotation diet in which they could only eat from … Read the rest

Enzymes for Allergies

My husband had the car washed one day last week. The next day I drove it down to town in the valley. After just a few hours in the valley it was covered in yellow pollen.


Spring has sprung. The trees producing that yellow pollen look beautiful arrayed in a plethora of flowers. The first flowering trees and bushes are even blooming up here in the mountains.


In the past I loved the spring and fall seasons the best because of their beauty. In recent years I’ve come to love winter the best because the pollens and chemicals … Read the rest