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De-skunking a Dog and Other Stuff

Golden Retriever


Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. You know summer is here from the skunks, stickers and ants.

About 2 weeks ago as I was out tending the garden early in the morning when the distinctly disgusting scent of skunk spray wafted across my nose. Oh no, I hope Cooper (our big golden-lab dog) didn’t get hit. Then I hear the quad approaching the garden after my husband and Cooper had gone down the trail to turn on the solar panel for our pump. Pat had that look, like my hopes were dashed in regard to the skunk.… Read the rest

Composting at Home Helps Save the Environment

Compost at home to save the environment

What a simple step to have a remarkably beneficial effect on the environment. Composting your food scraps at home produces healthy soil. But thrown in the garbage they are tightly compacted and so decompose without oxygen creating methane gas – “a greenhouse gas with 23 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.”

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement

An important alert about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. President Obama is trying to get the Fast Track authority so he can negotiate and finalize the agreement without input from Congress or American … Read the rest

Sleep and Exercise Keep Your Brain Healthy

Lots of news to share and some great articles to review in this issue.

The new book, Fit in 15 Minutes Per Week is about to go to the printer. Watch for its release!

Nutrition Class Coming Soon to Redding, CA. Don’t miss it!

Also the Nutrition Class that I teach at Shasta Bible College in Redding, CA is coming up very soon, May 11 to 22, 2015 from 6PM to 9:30PM Monday through Friday. Contact Shasta Bible College for details 530-225-4275. Want a scholarship to audit the class? We need volunteers skilled in video recording. The camera and tripod … Read the rest

CHOICES: Make Your Own Miracle Nutrition Class May 2015

Be Wise – Health Wise e-newsletter of March 13, 2015




at Shasta Bible College, Redding Ca

Evenings (M-F) 6 pm to 9:30 pm

Monday, May 11th thru Friday, May 22nd

Presented by:

Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman, M.D.


Your awareness of nutrition is vitally important to your health! Why? Because, while YOU first make your choices of what you eat, your choices ultimately make you!

Every day you make choices for life or death. With every bite you put in your mouth and Read the rest

Toxic Chemical Villains Hollywood Style and the Vaccine Issues

Meet these wacky characters. You have to laugh at these wacky characters despite their devastating effects on our bodies.


Toxic chemicals seem to be in the news this week.

Infographic on personal care chemicals


And the Vaccine Issues are still in the news this week.

This journalist actually read the research on unvaccinated children versus vaccinated children uncovering the spin the researchers put on it, totally different conclusions than what the data showed. They don’t want you to know that unvaccinated children had fewer infectious diseases than the vaccinated children.

“Health Impact News Editor Comments: … Read the rest

Ugly Truth about Vaccines, GMO’s & Big Pharma…

The Vaccine Controversy – Poignant Information You Won’t Get from Mainstream Media

BOUGHT The Movie a Documentary – I’ve arranged a special viewing for you at no charge.  I had the privilege of previewing this movie. Its poignant stories and revelations touched me deeply from the revelations of a pediatric nephrologist who treated several children when their kidneys suddenly shut down after receiving a vaccine, all within days of each other; to the emotional stories of parents caring for children severely injured from vaccines.

But all of those stories are suppressed by main stream media, medicine and Big Pharma. Respected … Read the rest

Alzheimer’s Disease is Preventable

Have you ever worried about developing Alzheimer’s Disease or another brain degenerative disease, especially if you have a family member who suffered from it. The number of folks with AD is on the rise and takes a big toll on the caregivers.


But here’s the hope. Alzheimer’s Disease can be prevented. Enjoy the links that give you a peek at preventing Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s very much about your CHOICES.


  1. After watching the movie, “The Notebook”, I began to feel a little anxiety creep in about developing Alzheimer’s and the stress that such memory loss would cause my family.
Read the rest