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Be Wise Newsletter – Antidepressants Associated with Autism


Have fun with this taste treat that decreases the unhealthy use of sweeteners.

How are antidepressants associated with autism?

Antidepressants Associated with Autism: These compelling articles reveal the scientific evidence linking glyphosate (Roundup) to autism. Moms may be depressed due to the upset in their gut flora from ingesting glyphosate (Roundup) in their food. 10% of pregnant women take antidepressants. The children of women who took antidepressants during pregnancy developed higher rates of autism.

Taking Antibiotics While Pregnant May Double Autism Risk

The follow up videos listed below link glyphosate to celiac and other gut disorders, hormonal upsets and … Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter – 5 Steps to Fitness During the Holiday Season

[youtube]–zUY7Y[/youtube]Maintaining fitness and healthy habits during the holiday season keeps us tuned up to really enjoy the festivities. You can easily slip these 5 fitness steps into the added busyness of the season. Besides keeping you healthy they will prevent the added stress of the holiday preparations and festivities from becoming distress and dis-ease.

  1. Continue to have fun with your exercise fitness program.

Exercise refreshes your body, invigorates your muscles and lifts your mood. In the past my husband Pat and I have spent 8 to 10 or more hours per week on our cardio and strength training programs. Maintaining … Read the rest

Be Wise – Bone Broth from Your Turkey Carcass

Save Your Turkey Carcass!

It’s perfect for making that gut healing, generally nourishing bone broth that’s so warm and soothing on a cold winter day. Great for a base for soup or stew as well.


For details on making bone broth, take a peek here:

Bone Broth





Articles for Review:

“Frying your food in lard is healthier than using sunflower oil”, say scientists. Finally main stream is getting back to the truth. But of course it’s better to avoid frying food. Use lard, coconut oil, olive oil or butter to sauté your food.

 … Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter – Healthy Recipes for Your Holidays

It’s That Time of Year – Holiday Time

With only a few days until Thanksgiving you’re most likely already planning your holiday menus. The Tillman plans certainly are in full swing. We enjoy sharing healthy meals even at celebration times like these and so we love to share our healthy recipes with you in this booklet that you can download immediately,

Healthy Holiday Cooking.

Having my holiday recipes in one booklet is so handy. It saves me a lot of time in searching all over my kitchen for those favorite recipes we use once or twice a year. We … Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter – Boost Hdl Cholesterol with 15 Minutes of Exercise per WEEK

Hdl Cholesterol – Higher Amounts Mean Greater Health

Cholesterol levels can come into a healthy range with exercise. The Fit in 15 Minutes per Week workout does it in only 15 minutes per WEEK of effort. Now how’s that for efficiency?

For a more in depth look at cholesterol and the myths surrounding it…

Read more at:

Hdl Cholesterol Improves with 15 Minute per WEEK exercise

Revealing articles of the week:

Great gardening article

Healing the Soil Helps Heal Us

Now a delightfully tasty way to help lose weight. But I wouldn’t eat too much of it.

Surprise Making Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter – The DARK ACT – a time sensitive matter

If You Eat Food

From my wise and beloved husband. He spent a ton of time on the research for this article on the Dark Act and has distilled it into a very readable and informative, urgent message. The Senate will vote on it soon. Contact your senator right away.


Delectable Grilled Vegetables

I absolutely drool for marinated, grilled vegetables made from the morning’s harvest from our garden.

We ate these in our dinner last night. They’re so good that they’re like dessert to me.

Marinated Grilled Garden Veggies

Follow the link to the simple marinade recipe that gives these veggies their … Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter: Finding Non-GMO Food the Easy Way

Find non-GMO food” In an effort to Save Our Selves, Save Our Children and Save Our Planet from the ubiquitous presence of genetically modified (GM) food in our food supply that carries residues of glyphosate (Roundup) we’re on the hunt for non-GMO sources of food. We’ve already discussed eating only organic food which by definition has to be free of genetically modified components and some ways to find non-GMO food.
Let’s delve a bit further into great resources in our search for non-GMO food.”
In Dr. Jo’s latest article, “SOS 4: Find Non-GMO Food in An Abundance of Resources” discover:
Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter: Problem: Roundup in your body? What’s the Solution?

What would you do if you knew the herbicide Roundup was accumulating in your body?


Roundup in breast milkSome innovative and concerned moms involved in Moms Across America commissioned a study to determine if glyphosate would be detected in breast milk.

And sure enough, there it is, accumulating in mother’s milk in 3 of the 10 samples tested. The levels they detected were “760 to 1600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive allows for individual pesticides (Glyphosate is both a pesticide and herbicide)”. This study found levels of 76 ug/l to 166 ug/l in mother’s milk…

For breast milk to … Read the rest

Be Wise News Letter: Powerful Enough to Outsmart the GMO Companies

Powerful Little Old You

You are Powerful

One little old me added to another little old me can add up to a bunch of little old “me’s” that can change the world.

We’re starting a quiet, under the radar revolution. We’re Saving Our Selves and we’re Saving Our Children. One step at a time. One wise decision at a time. One day at a time.


Unlock your power, unlock your super hero. Let’s buzz this planet.

So how are we going to outsmart the chemical/GMO industry in order to Save Our Selves?

Read More


Future Generations

Read the rest

Be Wise Newsletter: Too Smart and Vaccine Effect on Future Generations

Our Smartness is Killing Us

 The Bad News:

Has it ever occurred to you that we’ve become so smart that we’re killing ourselves?

Science produces chemicals that induce cancer. Then other scientists perform research to find out what’s causing cancer. And others look for cures for cancer. ..

(And the same vicious cycle repeats itself in many areas of the chemical industry.)

As one researcher commented in regard to biotechnology, “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do.”

Would Somebody Please Look at This Big Picture? (And stop this nonsense.)

The Good News:

What’s the Good News?Read the rest