Good Mood Food

How’s your post-holiday mood?  I found myself with a bit of a negative mood after the holidays. And I knew why and how to turn it around. Do you?   Two main things helped me: Good food Good exercise   Number 1 Good Food Yep, food and mood can go hand in hand by affecting […]

The Oil of Gladness Instead of Despair

     As we work to create a Culture of Health this holiday season, where are our emotions? We want it to be a time of great joy but sometimes for some of us those holiday blues creep in. So how do we overcome the holiday blues, the holiday depression?   From a physical standpoint, well-known […]

Peace on Earth Good Will to Men

So the time is growing closer for our big Christmas celebration. Let’s keep the Prince of Peace central to this celebration because he’s the reason for the celebration and he came to bring great joy and peace to the world. As we hold him close in our hearts peace can break through and reign in […]

Is There Really a Germ Season?

 I love the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s Day. But there’s a part of it that I hate. And it started on October 31st the big candy night of the year! That’s when the sugar overload starts and it lasts 4-5 months by the time we get through Valentine’s Day and […]

A Gift for you and Good News

Healthy Holiday Cooking     From Dr. Jo’s holiday table to yours!   Enjoy this Healthy Holiday Cooking booklet as a gift for you!    This Healthy Holiday Cooking booklet is a compilation of the Tillman family traditional dishes that we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Almost everything is gluten-free and sucrose (table sugar) free and […]

Healthy Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

As I was thinking about living in a Culture of Health for the holiday season, I wondered what I could do to make your life less stressful and more peaceful in this busy season. Then up popped an idea! What if I helped you with your shopping?  What if I found healthy stocking stuffer ideas […]

Thanksgiving Healthy Holiday Recipes for a Culture of Health Holiday

‘Tis the season to enjoy food! Last Thanksgiving day we were going around the room sharing what we’re thankful for. Our 10-year-old granddaughter Allie said enthusiastically and emphatically, “Food”.   Yes, Allie has always loved her food and so do the rest of us.   And guess what? We can enjoy tasty, delicious, colorful food […]

Holiday Appetizers for a Culture of Health Holiday Season

Time to start thinking about that shopping list for preparing some healthy appetizers for parties and celebrations.   Let’s keep holiday time a Culture of Health so we stay happy and healthy. Germs spread around fast as friends and family come together for the holiday festivities. But we can outsmart those germ critters by keeping […]

Holiday Culture of Health

How do we create a Culture of Health during the holidays?   With all of the extra busy-ness during the holidays healthy habits may slip by the wayside creating an opportunity for those infectious diseases to take hold.   How can we enjoy the true meaning of the season about to break through upon on […]

My Four-year-old Grandson Invented a New Way to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

  My four-year-old grandson invented a new way to get kids to eat their vegetables. Simply spoon slightly melted chocolate ice cream onto your jicama. He said it tasted great and gave me a bite. I had to admit that it tasted good. He liked it on carrots too, but I didn’t give that one […]