Increase HGH Naturally

Increase HGH naturally

Are you ready to increase  HGH naturally in your body?

You can increase HGH naturally by a specific 15 minute workout once a week. Drinking a optimally produced whey protein before and after the workout increases natural HGH even more. Our hormones tend to decrease as we age and that’s true for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) too. We drop into “Somatopause”.  When that happens the effects of HGH on our tissues decrease too. That’s a bummer since HGH has these functions:

                Stimulates increased production of proteins which can increase muscle mass

                More muscle mass means more calories burned 24/7 even at rest

                Helps break down body fat so you can lose fat faster

                Increases intestinal absorption of calcium, helping maintain strong bones

You get this fabulous “side-effect” of increased HGH production from Fit in 15 workouts (also known as SUPERSLOW™ training). It increases your HGH levels without having to pay anything for it except 15 minutes of your time once per week. It’s one of those wonderful bio-feedback cycles in your body. The fast twitch muscle fibers must have growth hormone to produce more of them so they can produce a lot of power. In the feedback loop fast fibers promote the production of growth hormone. So, SUPERSLOW™  exercise stimulates growth of the fast-twitch muscle units, which in turn stimulates the release of growth hormone which in turn stimulates the growth of fast-twitch fibers. A good cycle!

And drinking whey protein right before and after your workouts feeds the muscles quickly so they can grow quickly. This in turn stimulates more HGH production in your body, a safe way to increase your on human growth hormone levels.

Be sure to purchase the very healthiest whey protein to optimally increase HGH naturally. Whey Cool is the best whey protein that we have ever found because it’s produced from:

  • Milk from cows that graze year-round on pesticide-free and chemical-free natural grass pastures.


  • Milk from grass-fed cows has many times higher levels of CLA and contains a proper balance of essential fatty acids.


  • The milking cows are never fed grain or subjected to any growth hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, genetically modified Proprietary Non-Denatured Whey Protein organisms, hyperimmunization or injected pathogens.”


  • This proprietary non-denatured native whey protein concentrate maintains the full range of all the fragile immune boosting and regenerative components naturally present in fresh raw milk.
  • And contains the full range of biologically active complete amino acids that your muscles need to regenerate

Here’s my routine:

Upon arising on only one day per week, I drink 1 tablespoon of Whey Cool mixed in about 1/2 cup of purified water I don’t eat breakfast). Next I perform some warm up and stretching exercise for a few minutes followed by my Fit in 15 work out. Then I drink another tablespoon of Whey Cool in water within 20 minutes of finishing my work out.

I avoid eating any carbohydrates for 2 hours after my work out to help my body produce the best levels of HGH. Eating carbs stops HGH production. This good cycle of increasing muscle mass and HGH levels helps keep the fat off and weight optimized.

To see an example of my Fit in 15 work out watch this video:

To learn more about the fantabulous benefits of the Fit in 15 workout program, check out the book my husband and I co-authored:

Fit in 15 Minutes Per Week

Enjoy life – Stay Fit – Increase HGH Naturally

P. S. You can order Whey Cool through Wellevate, your special portal. Find out how here: Wellevate 

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