SOS 4: Find Non-GMO Food in An Abundance of Resources

Healthy Non-GMO Food

In an effort to Save Our Selves, Save Our Children and Save Our Planet from the ubiquitous presence of genetically modified (GM) food in our food supply that carries residues of glyphosate (Roundup) we’re on the hunt for non-GMO sources of food. We’ve already discussed eating only organic food which by definition has to be free of genetically modified components and some ways to find non-GMO food.

Let’s delve a bit further into great resources in our search for non-GMO food.

Environmental Working Group

The Environmental Working Group’s web site contains a wealth of guides and research tools for finding healthier non-GMO food. You may want to start with their Shopper’s Guide to Avoiding GE Food,

The article on that page covers a lot of details about genetically modified food, the increase of pesticide use on GM crops, the major four genetically modified crops and much more. For a small donation they will send you EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Avoiding GMOs wallet guide, a handy resource to carry with you.

You will also find lots of resources that don’t cost a thing to use, like EWG’s Food Scores, “Rate Your Plate” at Just type in your favorite products and ingredients and see how they score. You may want to review the user-guide before starting your search.

Exploring EWG’s DIRTY DOZEN GUIDE TO FOOD ADDITIVES could take a while. So sit back, relax and go for it.

As you browse around you will discover that EGW has accrued a wealth of research and resources to help us all live cleaner, healthier lives. Thanks EWG for all of your hard work and expertise, especially in sources for non-GMO food.

Apps to find non-GMO food the convenient and quick research tool

Now for all of you with smart phones perhaps an app to help find non-GMO foods would be most convenient. Turns out there’s a wealth of them available too.

Download an app at no charge for an iphone here:

The Food Revolution Network lists 10 Apps to help you eat GMO Free. Some of them do amazing things. For instance, the Buycott app ” can trace food items back through the production chain, keeping you informed of every company involved in bringing the item to the supermarket shelf. The free app also provides contact details for each company, so you can voice your concerns or support for any given product.”

Other apps may interest you too. I plan to give this one a try: “Healthy Food, Allergens, GMOs & Nutrition Scanner – This Nutrition Scanner costs $3.99 and allows you to quickly determine exactly what is in the food you are shopping for. The scanner reads food labels and returns information on nutrition, ingredients additives and whether the product contains any GMOs. You don’t need to wonder which ingredients are dangerous, either, as the app has a caution rating for potentially undesirable contents.”

Check them out at:

And if that isn’t enough choices for apps that help you find safe, healthy non-GMO food, look through this list:

Facebook Groups with Non-GMO Interests

If you’re Facebook savvy you can keep up with gmo news, happenings and deceptions on these Facebook pages.

Expect to learn truths that are not reported in the main stream media.

Whew, that’s enough information, research and links to keep us busy for a week or so. But isn’t technology great, providing so much information at the touch of our phones! That makes finding non-GMO food much easier. Happy shopping.

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