Be Wise Newsletter: Problem: Roundup in your body? What’s the Solution?

What would you do if you knew the herbicide Roundup was accumulating in your body?


Roundup in breast milkSome innovative and concerned moms involved in Moms Across America commissioned a study to determine if glyphosate would be detected in breast milk.

And sure enough, there it is, accumulating in mother’s milk in 3 of the 10 samples tested. The levels they detected were “760 to 1600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive allows for individual pesticides (Glyphosate is both a pesticide and herbicide)”. This study found levels of 76 ug/l to 166 ug/l in mother’s milk…

For breast milk to contain glyphosate it has to be building up in the mom’s tissues contrary to the reports of Monsanto and the EPA.

That’s the problem.

What’s the solution?

Read more about the solutions for avoiding genetically modified food in:



Some Gut Viruses May Be Good Guys Too

good virus in the gutThe Healthy Virome


Preliminary research done on mice discovers that viral organisms in the gut help heal the gut and restore immune function. They think a normal “virome” (viral environment) exists in the gut similar to the findings of a normal microbiome that is essential for normal gut and immune function. Antibiotics wipe out this normal balance of organisms in the gut. The great news: research is finding out how to restore the balance of organisms in our organisms. Please note: the viral research is in its infancy and not ready to be applied to humans.


An Abundance of Healthy Recipes to Soothe the Gut

You will find some recipes you love in this post and some new ideas.

healthy broth to soothe the gut







Natural Light in the Office Improves Mood, Alertness, Sleep Quality and Over-all Health

Natural light in officeNatural Light in the Office

It’s the same for your home too.






To Inspire You

american flag


My Name is America






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