Be Wise Newsletter: Finding Non-GMO Food the Easy Way

Find non-GMO food” In an effort to Save Our Selves, Save Our Children and Save Our Planet from the ubiquitous presence of genetically modified (GM) food in our food supply that carries residues of glyphosate (Roundup) we’re on the hunt for non-GMO sources of food. We’ve already discussed eating only organic food which by definition has to be free of genetically modified components and some ways to find non-GMO food.
Let’s delve a bit further into great resources in our search for non-GMO food.”
In Dr. Jo’s latest article, “SOS 4: Find Non-GMO Food in An Abundance of Resources” discover:
  • A wealth of resources at the Environmental Working Group’s site
  • An app for that – or 3 or 4 or 10
  • Organizations on Facebook that provide lots of info about genetically modified food and how to avoid it.

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Outredgeous Lettuce – Yum – and Beautiful

Outredgeous Lettuce
For you daring gardeners, how about growing some “Outredgeous Lettuce” . They’re loving it on the space station.
Space Crew Chows Down on Outredgeous Lettuce
The Outredgeous Lettuce seeds come from the organic farm, Wild Garden Seed, in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. I’m glad to have just found this seed source and will be ordering from them. I love organic seed!

Educate Your Child’s Immune System Naturally

Natural Immune System Education
If you have concerns about vaccines you might want to follow these folks in England who are using homeopathics to strengthen the immune system to defend itself against specific organisms. I want to learn more about this approach. In my experience homeopathic remedies work effectively and safely, are gentle on the body and often help problems that are not well addressed by conventional medicine.

Monsanto’s Roundup Found in 75% of All Air and Rain Samples

Monsanto Roundup in 75% of water and rain samples
Remember information about Roundup detected in breast milk that we discussed in the last Be Wise-Health Wise newsletter? Could the Roundup found in the air and rain by part of the cause? The last 2 paragraphs of this short article may be the most significant and compelling:
“However, Roundup isn’t the only widespread threat to public health. The U.S. Geological Survey, along with others, have identified additional pesticides in the air and water that become more toxic as they mix and come in contact with people.
Spraying Roundup may have short-term economic benefits for Monsanto, but the potential long-term risks could present significant challenges to people in affected regions of the country.”

Heart Health And Fitness Are Important Factors for Menopausal Women

four lady doctors
Take note gals: if you’re in that menopausal stage of life, be sure your protecting your heart and staying fit.  If you have not established a fitness routine already, it’s crucial to do so now as per this article from the Women’s OBGYN Medical Group of Santa Rosa, which consists of the four female doctors pictured here!
 “Regardless of age and fitness level, women should be taking measures in everyday life to maximize heart health,” says Dr. Emad. “But this study helps to point out the particular importance fitness and exercise can play for women over 50, something we routinely discuss with our patients.”
Men: You’re not off the hook here either. Your health is important too. Do you have a great fitness routine yet?
Don’t panic thinking, “Oh no, one more thing to fit into my busy schedule”. Because Fit in 15 is here! Honestly, you can be optimally fit in just 15 minutes PER WEEK if you know the right exercises and how to perform them.  So here’s a reminder about the book co-authored by my husband and me.

Fit in 15 Minutes Per Week

Fit in 15 Minutes Per Week
Fit in 15 Minutes per Week, A Doctor Recommended, Scientifically Proven Way to Efficiently Optimize Your Health and Fitness
The Most Time Efficient Way to
                Get Fit
                Strengthen your muscles, heart and lungs
And  achieve these added bonuses (as verified in scientific research projects):
                Optimize fitness level
                Lose fat faster
                Increase your fast twitch muscle fibers that
                Burn more calories 24/7
                Increase metabolism
Click here for more info:

Dr. Jo’s Seminar September 14, 2015 Don’t Blame Your Genes – Good News – You Control the Expression of Your Genes

DNA spiral
The last time I presented this seminar, the excitement in the audience was palpable due to their amazement in the research emanating from the new science of epigenetics and how it empowers health. It will knock your socks off.
As a bonus we plan to coach you in that 15 minute per week workout so you can go home and start stimulating your genes to express health right away. Hearing is fun, but doing gives results.
Monday September 14, 2015
at 6:00pm – 9:00pm
at the Stirring Building,   2250 Churn Creek Redding CA
Donation $30.00 per person   $50.00 per couple
There will be detailed handouts for you if you register early by contacting:
LeAmber Rhoades
Phone 530-945-0556
Looking forward to seeing you there,
​Dr. Jo


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