Be Wise News Letter: Powerful Enough to Outsmart the GMO Companies

Powerful Little Old You

You are Powerful

One little old me added to another little old me can add up to a bunch of little old “me’s” that can change the world.

We’re starting a quiet, under the radar revolution. We’re Saving Our Selves and we’re Saving Our Children. One step at a time. One wise decision at a time. One day at a time.


Unlock your power, unlock your super hero. Let’s buzz this planet.

So how are we going to outsmart the chemical/GMO industry in order to Save Our Selves?

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Future Generations

Jeff Hays

“I fear that those with the least say today in our current trajectory with GMOs and vaccines will be the ones that pay the highest price down the road for our actions.

How far down the horizon are we as a society willing to stretch our gaze for the sake of our children, grandchildren and so on down the line?”

Video: a 2.5 minute video with lots to think about

Future Generations


A Valuable Resource:

Dr.  Vaughn posted a compilation of websites that she consults for the latest information on topics related to healthy living. You may enjoy these resources.


And for a Good Laugh

A really good laugh.  And if you’re taking a trip soon, you’ll want to fly with this woman. Southwest Airlines




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