SOS 1: Our Smartness is Killing Us

The Bad News – Good News Story

SOS Save Our Selves

First the Bad News:

Has it ever occurred to you that we’ve become so smart that we’re killing ourselves?

Science produces chemicals that induce cancer. Then other scientists perform research to find out what’s causing cancer. And others look for cures for cancer.

These chemicals invade our environment gradually building up in our bodies until the toxic load tips us into ill health. Then we pay more scientists to find out what’s causing all of this disease and to develop more drugs to treat it. More drugs mean more chemicals invading our bodies causing more side effects that require more drugs. That require more clinical drug testing trials that may jeopardize the health of the human “guinea pigs”.

The big powerful biotech companies generate tons of herbicides to kill weeds without killing the food crops. But the herbicides build up in the plants which we eat and now we find out Round-up (glyphosate) is a class 2 carcinogen. Besides that it acts like an antibiotic destroying the friendly organisms in our guts creating another disease-inducing situation. When the weeds become super-weeds the chemical companies file for permission to use more-toxic herbicides to kill the weeds. And so the vicious cycle spirals downward.

The herbicides accumulate in the soil destroying many of the beneficial soil organisms that turn the micronutrients (minerals) in the soil into a form the plants can utilize. Without access to these micronutrients the plants get puny.

Science then attempts to replenish nutrients by adding more chemicals like ammonia (for nitrogen) to the soil. The plants grow big from the nitrogen burst but they are low on potassium, magnesium and trace minerals. The animals that eat the plants develop deficiency diseases. Veterinarians recognize nutrient deficiency symptoms and know how to treat them.

We eat the nutrient-deficient animals and plants and we become nutritionally deficient. But do doctors recognize the subtle human nutrient-deficient symptoms. Only if they are very blatant deficiencies like scurvy from lack of Vitamin C, or if the doctor utilizes holistic medicine principles. Most doctors have been trained to treat disease states with drugs. Which gets us right back to the problem with chemicals. Drugs are simply pharmaceutical chemicals

Back to the plants. Nutrient deficient plants are more susceptible to attack by pests. So scientists produce pesticides to kill insects which accumulate as more toxins in our food supply and in our bodies inducing more disease. Pests adapt and become resistant to the pesticides triggering the chemical companies to develop more toxic pesticides.

As one researcher commented in regard to biotechnology, “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do something.”

Just because we can make all of these chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and drugs doesn’t mean we should.

Just because we can genetically modify seeds doesn’t mean we should.

Just because we can genetically modify animals doesn’t mean we should.

Would Somebody Please Look at This Big Picture?

Instead of increasing our “Smartness”, let’s go back to using our “Common Sense”.

Let’s create a rebellion to all of this “smart” poison that’s killing us. But we don’t need to be flamboyant about this rebellion, just quietly go about our everyday lives making truly wise choices.

When we choose wisely, the money pipeline for the biotech companies dries up. They follow the money and will produce what we need and want. Or perhaps they just dry up all together.

The Good News:

Let’s start a revolution.

Our motto: Save Our Selves – SOS

Think about what you can do to create a healthy oasis for you and your family. Let’s share ideas. Let’s focus on practical approaches to” de-chemicalizing” our lives.

I have some ideas flowing and will present them in future articles. Save Our Selves – SOS will be fun, exciting and invigorating. I love slaying the giants, don’t you?

Dr. Jo

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