Be Wise Newsletter: Too Smart and Vaccine Effect on Future Generations

Our Smartness is Killing Us

 The Bad News:

Has it ever occurred to you that we’ve become so smart that we’re killing ourselves?

Science produces chemicals that induce cancer. Then other scientists perform research to find out what’s causing cancer. And others look for cures for cancer. ..

(And the same vicious cycle repeats itself in many areas of the chemical industry.)

As one researcher commented in regard to biotechnology, “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do.”

Would Somebody Please Look at This Big Picture? (And stop this nonsense.)

The Good News:

What’s the Good News?

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SOS Save Our Selves










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Another Perspective on Vaccines

In this video Dr. Toni Bark, MD pediatrician says: “My greatest fear I believe has been realized, unfortunately, and that is that we have a whole generation of children that are really damaged, they’re so damaged. If you’re in New Jersey and you’re a boy, your chances of being Autistic is one in twenty seven.

So, what does that mean for this generation of children?

Dr. Jo: And that’s my great concern too. Now California is forcing immunizations on our children. How many more will be damaged? Please be informed about the adverse effects of vaccines. Mainstream medicine, media and Big Pharma are not telling the whole story. But some very wise and informed doctors have done the research and are enlightening us. Please take a few minutes to review the info I send you on vaccines. The health of our children is at stake.

About Dr. Jo

Dr. JoDr. Jo delights in sharing the message of health. She believes disease is optional if you know how to take care of yourself. And she’s a great coach to help you reverse or prevent disease.

So she writes this blog to keep you up to date with information that may undermine your health if you are not aware of it. She also provides tips on healthy living, how to reverse degenerative diseases, delicious recipes, and ways to enjoyably change your habits to healthy ones.

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