SOS 2: You Are Powerful – Outsmart the GMO Companies

You Are Powerful

After reading the “Bad News” about the assault on our health from the big powerful biotech and chemical companies you might be feeling overwhelmed, weak and victimized. (See Our Smartness is Killing Us )

But – No Way

You are Powerful

One little old me added to another little old me can add up to a bunch of little old “me’s” that can change the world.

We’re starting a quiet, under the radar revolution. We’re Saving Our Selves and we’re Saving Our Children. One step at a time. One wise decision at a time. One day at a time.


Unlock your power, unlock your super hero. Let’s buzz this planet.

So how are we going to outsmart the chemical/GMO industry in order to Save Our Selves?

Let’s think about the campaigns to require labeling of food that’s genetically modified. Time and again the big Biotech Companies have had the big bucks and the intimidating power to defeat legislation that would require them to label genetically modified foods.

If their GM food (genetically modified food) is so wonderful, why wouldn’t they be proud of it and gladly label it voluntarily?

Because they know most of us don’t want to eat GM food. If we knew the food was genetically modified we would not buy it. Remember what happened when food manufacturers were required to label the amount of trans fats in a product? People are smart. You are smart. When you discover a food ingredient that destroys your body instead of nourishing it, you avoid it. You don’t buy it. And that’s what happened to trans fats. Food manufacturers got the message and were forced to replace trans fats with something else. (Unfortunately the something else is not always healthy either, but that’s a story for another time.)

Stop Buying Genetically Modified Food

So if they won’t label the GM food let’s outsmart them and stop buying anything that could contain GM components. Now that takes a little research and commitment to a healthy you and a healthy planet and perhaps a bit more money to buy the food.

Here the first way to eliminate GM food from your food supply:

  1. Eat only organic food

One of the simplest ways to completely avoid GM food is to eat only organically grown food. By definition organic food cannot contain GM ingredients. You will also avoid a lot of herbicide, pesticide and antibiotic residues in your food and the food will be more nutrient dense. That’s like a double, triple or quadruple bonus.

Your major concern with buying organic is most likely the price. Yes, organic products tend to cost more initially but have you considered the savings in the long run? What price would you put on your health? How much money would you save in doctor and hospital bills? Organic food takes a major burden of toxins off your body, toxins that cause pain and disease. How much time could you save by eating organically grown food, time spent in the doctor’s office or hospital, time off work due to illness? How much more comfortable do you want to be in your body? How much emotional pain do you want to avoid by keeping your children healthy and happy?

Seems like buying organically grown food is a good investment.

Availability of organic food can be another obstacle. However, more and more big box stores are carrying organic food as a result of consumers just like you and me wanting it and buying it. The greater the demand, the greater the availability. As the demand for organic food increases, the price will most likely decrease. Our money talks!

Local farmers’ markets are another great place to find organic food as well as organic entrepreneurs with small stores or stands. I bet you will love the freshness of the locally grown food too.

  1. A second option – buy certified non-GMO food and brands of food.

Let’s delve into that option in the next post.

Join the quiet revolution. SOS-SOC. Together we can slay the giant!


Dr. Jo

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