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Golden Retriever


Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. You know summer is here from the skunks, stickers and ants.

About 2 weeks ago as I was out tending the garden early in the morning when the distinctly disgusting scent of skunk spray wafted across my nose. Oh no, I hope Cooper (our big golden-lab dog) didn’t get hit. Then I hear the quad approaching the garden after my husband and Cooper had gone down the trail to turn on the solar panel for our pump. Pat had that look, like my hopes were dashed in regard to the skunk.

Sure enough, 1 and a half hours before Cooper was scheduled to have his long golden locks shaved off for the summer he was now wearing a new perfume. Since it takes 45 minutes to get from our mountainous home to the groomer things didn’t look good. But he really needed that hair cut because he was feeling miserable in our hot climate.

So we whipped up the formula that Dr. Becker, DVM, recommends for getting rid of the skunk aroma:

Mix together:

32 fluid ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

2 teaspoons of Dawn dish washing liquid


Do not wet the dog with water. Apply the  above solution with a sponge until the dog’s coat  is thoroughly saturated. Be very cautious around their eyes and ears. Leave the solution on for about 5 minutes while the dog shakes it all over you. Then wash it off with water. If the odor lingers apply the solution again, wait and then wash off.

After going through this process we thought Cooper smelled ok, but when he walked into the groomer’s office, she said, “Oh, no he’s going to stink up my whole shop.” But she was very gracious to let him stay and get his once a year hair cut. And now he’s cool for the summer.

The groomer suggested adding some vinegar to the recipe. Of course we were hoping that we would never have to use it again. But just in case I stocked up on some more peroxide.

Then there’s the rest of the story.

Two nights ago at about 8:30, after a long hot day of working outside and the night before we were travelling to Sacramento to enjoy the Big River production at the Music Circus, Pat takes Cooper and Tianna (our daughter’s family’s dog) out for their nightly getting ready for bed routine.

Shortly Pat comes into the living room saying, “All hands on deck. Both dogs just got sprayed by a skunk.”

He’s such a big kidder, I said, “You’re kidding.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Please tell me your kidding.”

And then the nose went on alert. “You’re not kidding.”

So in the twilight with mosquitoes on the attack we mixed up the magic potion, adding 1/4 cup white vinegar to the concoction this time along with the peroxide, baking soda and Dawn and applied the whole process to two pooches this time. The sponge filled up with those small beggar’s lace (aka shepherd’s tick) stickers as we sponged their sticker filled fur. But the addition of the vinegar seemed to help kill the odor better.

Ah yes. It’s summer, skunks, stickers and ants. But the ants are a story for another time.


Updates on California’s Mandatory Vaccine Bill

In California the mandatory vaccine bill SB277 has passed the Assembly Health Committee.  June 9th, 2015

” An incendiary bill that would reverse California’s liberal vaccine exemption law was overwhelmingly approved Tuesday by the state Assembly Health Committee, the sole Assembly panel that will take up the measure.”

ASSEMBLY FLOOR VOTE June 25, 2015 video

“SB 277 Passed the Assembly Floor Vote Thursday June 25, 2015
  46 Ayes
31 No

  3 No Votes Recorded”

California’s vaccine bill passes Assembly, next hurdle: Gov. Jerry Brown

” SACRAMENTO — After months of rancorous debate and emotional pleas from parents, a bill that would force most Californians to vaccinate their children cleared its last major legislative hurdle on Thursday.

So now the only question is: Will California’s famously unpredictable governor give the measure his blessing?


Senate Bill 277, which mandates vaccinations for all schoolchildren regardless of their parents’ personal or religious beliefs, passed on a 46-to-31 vote in the state Assembly after an hourlong impassioned debate. That much was expected, as is Monday’s pro forma Senate vote to approve the bill again and send it to Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature.”


All I can say now is PRAY!


For my opinions on the mandatory vaccine bill review:

Vaccine Bill


Great alkaline/acid food charts


For Your Enjoyment:

Children’s flash mob musical presentation in Francs

Something good in the world to watch….


Blessings to you,

Dr. Jo

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