Vaccine Decisions – Based on Emotion or Evidence?

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People seems to take sides on the vaccine issue based on emotional responses rather than wise decisions based on unbiased information. Even news casters, who normally present both sides, discuss the vaccine controversy from their own emotional responses.

So, I challenge you to learn more about vaccines, especially from knowledgeable professionals and lay people who do not parrot mainstream medicine and media. That’s why I have shared resources about vaccines rather consistently with you recently.

And now I’m even more concerned

” Right now, there are 36 states considering 110 different bills to limit or eliminate personal belief exemptions.

We’re being herded like cattle into a system where a regulatory body that has been captured by industry is deciding what goes into your body, your child’s body and you have no say in the matter.” Jeff Hayes


California’s bill is steaming through Congress:

SB 277, a bill that would eliminate parents’ ability to exempt their children from required vaccinations on the basis of personal belief.

If this bill passes all unvaccinated children will not be able to attend private or public school, day care, nursery school, developmental center or family day care home. Their only options would be home school or independent study.

In my opinion this bill:

  • Is draconian
  • Was initiated over hysteria from a measles outbreak that had the significance of a drop of water in the ocean
  • Would stigmatize unvaccinated children
  • Would greatly impair an unvaccinated child’s right to freely function in our society
  • Would take away our rights to choose our own medical care
  • Would expose some children to a sentence of being maimed or killed from vaccine reactions
  • Comes from a ridiculous herd mentality
  • Is medically unethical as per the AMA’s informed consent policies. We have the right to be informed about all possible side effects and consequences of a medical procedure but these adverse effects in general are not presented to parents.

This is a serious problem that will affect the future of this generation of young people. Their lives are too precious to waste.

Please step up Californians and ask your legislators to oppose this bill.

If you have not watched Bought – the Movie yet – do so! It’s a must see and you can watch it at no charge again until May 23, 2015

Get your legislators to watch this movie.

Also, the Price-Pottenger Foundation just sent out a list of resources to help all of us make informed decisions about vaccines. This a well worded quote from their web site:

“The recent measles outbreak has left both parents and doctors with more questions than answers regarding vaccinations. The issue of vaccines is complicated by concerns about the possible hazards of some of the ingredients used in the vaccine formulas; the mutation of commonly recognized viruses; societal pressure; and the abundance of false information.

There is no one answer for everyone on the topic of vaccines. Parents must make tough decisions on whether or not to vaccinate their children, and in some cases, face legal prosecution if they choose not to. It’s challenging to know the proper ways to go about refusing vaccines. Click here for guidelines on opting out of vaccinations on a state-by-state basis.

Due to a lack of trust in health experts, many people feel they cannot make an informed decision on whether or not to vaccinate. We have assembled a reliable list of vaccination information resources we approve of and sell on our website. All of these resources were thoroughly reviewed by our board of directors so that our members and the public have reliable, non-contradictory information to turn to.”

Click on their link to review the resources that PPNF recommends.

Even if you are not currently making decisions for your own children in regard to vaccinating or not, please be pro-active about the bills in your state legislature that would force vaccination on all of us and all of our precious children. If these bills pass it’s the end of our right to choose our medical care.

Thanks for caring,

Dr. Jo

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