Toxic Chemical Villains Hollywood Style and the Vaccine Issues

Meet these wacky characters. You have to laugh at these wacky characters despite their devastating effects on our bodies.


Toxic chemicals seem to be in the news this week.

Infographic on personal care chemicals


And the Vaccine Issues are still in the news this week.

This journalist actually read the research on unvaccinated children versus vaccinated children uncovering the spin the researchers put on it, totally different conclusions than what the data showed. They don’t want you to know that unvaccinated children had fewer infectious diseases than the vaccinated children.

“Health Impact News Editor Comments: Thanks to Heidi Stevenson of we have some truly investigative journalism into a study that was published regarding vaccines, because she read the study herself. What she found was that the way the study was spun by their conclusions did not accurately represent all the facts the study uncovered. This seems to be an alarming trend with vaccine studies, as the studies are obviously published with a pro-vaccine bias…

A German study has found that unvaccinated children suffer from significantly less infectious disease than vaccinated children. Particularly humorous is that the article’s introduction contradicts the findings.”

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Vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenney

Dr. Sherri Tenpenney, DO (osteopathic physician) explains “what opened my eyes to the problems vaccines cause.”  She has invested 7000 hours in her research on vaccines and that number of hours continues to climb since she spends 2-3 hours per day reading and researching, keeping updated on new information about vaccines. In my opinion she is the go-to expert on vaccines. This page gives her overview on vaccines:

More articles on vaccines:

“This is not Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Parents deserve answers to what are reasonable questions about vaccine safety. “

Be Wise-Health Wise Newsletter sent February 26, 2015

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