Alzheimer’s Disease is Preventable

Have you ever worried about developing Alzheimer’s Disease or another brain degenerative disease, especially if you have a family member who suffered from it. The number of folks with AD is on the rise and takes a big toll on the caregivers.


But here’s the hope. Alzheimer’s Disease can be prevented. Enjoy the links that give you a peek at preventing Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s very much about your CHOICES.


  1. After watching the movie, “The Notebook”, I began to feel a little anxiety creep in about developing Alzheimer’s and the stress that such memory loss would cause my family. But then all this information started popping up about preventing Alzheimer’s. Was I ever relieved. This article gives you a peek into how your choices can prevent Alzheimer’s.


  1. Exercise keeps your heart healthy, but did you know that exercise keeps your brain healthy too?

After all your brain is one of your organs.


  1. The Untold Story Of The World’s Most Famous Photo (just for fun)


  1. Dr. Daniel Amen’s 50 Best Brain Foods


  1. Did you know eating wheat (all of those white flour products) contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s. It’s absolutely so easy to avoid eating wheat by following Dr. Jo’s eating plan in Dr. Jo’s Naturally Healing Cookbook . (We could call it the Best Eating Plan to Save Your Brain and All of Your Other Organs too!)


  1. Steps to Counteract Development of Alzheimer’s Disease


  1. The anti-aging effects of green tea help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease too.


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